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Sync 'failed' after SW 3.9 update

Hi! After the latest update, my watch stop 'syncing'. There is still a green circle, but when I click on the device and attempt to sync, it fails all the time.

Activities are still being tracked, so are notifications. But the changes I made via app such as moving the widget around does not get reflected on the watch.

I have. Restarted the phone, switch on/off the Bluetooth on the watch itself, tried syncing via the watch too.

Kindly advise

Thank you

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the update. May I know which version of the s/w have you installed?

    My s/w is ver 4.00

    Best regards.

  • I got the latest s/w. Updated the latest Garmin Connect App... issue persists. 

    It has been almost 2 months since I raised my ticket with Garmin support... to date, nothing. They kept telling me they can't simulate the issue thus no solution. And can't advise when it can be resolved and now I wonder whether it can be resolved at all.

    Garmin support  I hope you are reading this post, you have a super unhappy user here!

    The only assurance Garmin support give is that my warranty will be extended until this is resolved. What's the point of holding on to a faulty device with perpetual warranty extension?

    Either fix it or admit that the device is poorly designed.  Give me an exchange to another model... actually I am wondering if I should stick to Garmin. 


  • , I had a couple of issues as well after updating to 3.9 a while back (one resolved with a reset of the watch, the other fixed by Garmin with the release of a new update a couple on months later), but no issues with failed Sync, ever. Last week I updated to 4.5 and everything keeps working fine.

    My Style is almost two years old and my phone is an even older Samsung S9, running Android 10.

    Could it be that another app or device using Bluetooth is interfering with Garmin Connect sync? If you haven't done so yet, I'd also check the app permission, both in Garmin Connect -> Settings -> Phone Permissions and in the App menu of your phone. 

    Also, do you receive notifications even when sync fails?

    If Bluetooth was faulty on the phone, you would not be able to receive any notifications. If it were a FW or design issues in the watch, more people should have this problem.

    Any difference if you force sync from the phone? You can do that with a long-touch on the main screen, swipe right to the "Phone" menu, touch it, then swipe to "Sync" and tap on it.

    A more drastic attempt to fix the issue in case ether Garmin Connect or the FW in the watch went crazy would be:

    First, sync the watch with your PC using Garmin Express (so save your latest activity data)

    Remove the watch from Garmin Connect

    Uninstall Garmin Connect from your phone

    Remove the Style from your list of paired devices in the Bluetooth menu of your phone

    Reset the watch selecting the option "Delete Data and Reset Settings"

    Finally reinstall Garmin Connect and re-paring the watch to the phone, as you did when you first purchased it (remember to do it from the Garmin Connect app, NOT the Bluetooth menu of your phone).

    Best of luck in resolving this!

  • Hi Batman,

    thanks for the quick reply.  Yes, BT is working fine on the mobile.  Reset the watch, re-pair for multiple times... issue persists.  It will work for some hours, but fail sync will recur... 

    There is a key difference in your device... your SW is 4.5! My SW is 4.0... how did you update the SW on the watch?  It should be automatic correct?  There isn't any option on the watch or the Garmin Connect App to update SW.

    Thanks once again. 

  • Updates should be pushed on the watch via Garmin Connect, but with your connectivity issues perhaps is not happening. 

    To be sure I get updates in a timely manner I sync using Garmin Express on my PC. I recommend you do that. It should notify you immediately of the availability of 4.5 and ask you permission to install it.

  • Thanks for your advice. However I don't have an ANT+ adapter, so I can't update via PC using garmin express.

    Is there a way to bypass it and connect via USB? Or BT?

  • Yes, you can :-) Install first Garmin Express on your PC, then use the cable you use to charge your watch to connect it to one of the USB ports. Once you open Garmin Express with the Style attached to the PC via USB it will "see" the watch and ask you to sync it and/or install the 4.5 update.

  • Sigh... connected to pc via USB cable as advised. But the latest software version is 4.00 and it won't update to 4.5.

    Garmin support, if you are reading this post, please push out updated software version to other regions... we need to solve this issue!

    Still an unhappy user.

  • That is odd... What country are you in? Did you try to force Garmin Express on the PC to check for an update, with the Style attached to the USB port and showing as connected in the Garmin Express main screen?

  • I am located in Asia. I spoke with local Garmin support, they said updates are not pushed out at the same time across geographies... sigh.