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Sync 'failed' after SW 3.9 update

Hi! After the latest update, my watch stop 'syncing'. There is still a green circle, but when I click on the device and attempt to sync, it fails all the time.

Activities are still being tracked, so are notifications. But the changes I made via app such as moving the widget around does not get reflected on the watch.

I have. Restarted the phone, switch on/off the Bluetooth on the watch itself, tried syncing via the watch too.

Kindly advise

Thank you

  • Hello I have the same error:

    software 3.9 and loss of connection with the phone.

    when connecting to garmin Express it tells me that I have the latest software.

    Do you have a solution ?


  • Samsung S10+ with android 11

  • Sounds like a pairing problem with the phone and needs to be redone. Make sure to use the Garmin Connect App (not android Bluetooth settings) to pair with your Garmin with your phone. Follow these steps and video:

    • Remove all your Garmin devices from from Garmin Connect App (Menu >> Garmin devices)
    • "Unpair" all Garmin devices in android Bluetooth settings
    • If you have any other mobile devices also unpair the Garmin from those devices
    • Reboot your phone, restart the watch
    • On your Garmin device place into "pairing mode." Differs per device, but usually in Settings > Phone > Pair Phone to manually enter pairing mode.
    • Pair using Garmin Connect Mobile app

    If still problems after this, see the more extensive list of possibilities here: Sync / Connection Troubleshooting Guide

    Or contact Garmin Support

  • When I tried to reconnect the watch I got sync failed.

    I had to reset the watch and the synchronization was successful but for how long.

    Every time I lose my data

  • the synchronization was successful but for how long.

    I also have a samsung. I never get "sync failed" but I don't have a vivomove. 

    Every time I lose my data

    Meanwhile, If you have activities on your watch that aren't syncing, suggest trying a manual upload - How Do I Manually Upload an Activity I Recorded to Garmin Connect? At least until these other issues get resolved.

  • Thank you.

    I did this yesterday.

    I don't understand the problem because I am receiving the notifications so the phone communicates with the watch but the watch no longer sends the information to the phone.

    The problem becomes even more bizarre because if I connect the watch to Garmin Express I can synchronize and after that the watch will reconnect to the phone.

    Another weird phenomenon is the 4.0 software was released a month ago and the watch does not update (I tried with garmin express and it says it is up to date).

    I cannot connect my watch every 12 hours to garmin express to repair the Bluetooth connection :-(

  • Sounds like you need to contact Garmin Support, phone or chat works best.

  • Hi Garmin Support,

    I am also having this same issue.  The Vivomove Style works well for a few hours... then "sync fail" occurs.  This issue has been raised since early Feb 2022 and I even got a replacement unit... but the issue persists.

    I am beginning to think that there are some fundamental s/w issues with the Vivomove style series.  After so many emails back and forth, multiple phone calls and still no resolution... this is very very disappointing.

    Current s/w: 4.0

    TSC: 2.70

    SNS: 7.00

    NET: 2.00

    Mobile: Samsung S10+ with Andriod 12

    Case Ticket # Q#1005035 

    I can't even sell the watch as nobody will want to buy a flawed device.

    Come on Garmin, I think you can do better.

    Super disappointed user.

  • Hi! So after the latest update for the watch (the same specification you have listed), the problem fixed itself. I am also on Android 12 but with Pixel 6, not sure if it makes a difference.

    Hope you resolve your issue soon! I don't really have other issue with the watch, bought it knowing the limitations, but Garmin really could have put some effort in increasing the watch face options!