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Vivomove Luxe and Bluetooth

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Hello there

This is my first Garmin I have had a week and love the look and style of the Vivomove Luxe, but have the same issue with disconnecting from Bluetooth as other users have reported.

I would be grateful to hear from Garmin support as keen to keep the watch if I can get Bluetooth sorted.

I have an IPhone 7 and have taken out the Garmin app and added it back in.

You have permission to contact me

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    No response from Garmin; what is the point of a forum then?

  • Hello! I am sorry to just be seeing this. Is it the device is not staying connected or the device will not pair to the app itself?

  • Same problem here, just with iPhone XS Max. Bought that watch for a wife as a birthday gift ... and now all she does with her phone is watching when Bluetooth connection was lost. Beautiful watch but such a pain with apple devices that I would recommend to avoid it as a plague. If somebody will still risk and buy - be sure to do that from stores, that will accept it back or you will be sucked into "your phone is faulty", "buy an android" and similar things. This is the exact problem -

    Different models, but exact same problem and exact answer what Garmin could suggest - nothing.

  • Hello! Are you paired with the app or the Bluetooth settings? How far is she walking away from the phone before it disconnects?

  • Hi,

    to be honest I can't tell already, but I'm pretty sure that she was reading all the advice's from the internet pages and trying them one by one. Main problem was, that after disconnecting from the phone (yes, she understands, that Bluetooth has a limited range), watch not always reconnect to phone, and only way to reconnect it is to manually toggle Bluetooth settings in the phone (exact same problem as I posted in my first post). We have tried with my iPhone too. Also there was a communication with local Garmin shop, where she was advised to buy Android phone to use that watch "normally". In any case, I bought her another brand watch, which works as intended, so in my case this is not a problem anymore, now it's a consumer rights authority and seller's problem.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Amber, I have exactly the same problem.  The pairing just seems to disconnect and the only way to re-connect is to toggle bluetooth on and off

  • Hi Amber, I am using Samsung S20FE with the latest firmware, the Bluetooth connection connect and disconnect with my Vivomove Luxe. To connect with Garmin Connect is also a problem. The Passcode entry in Garmin Connect needs to do with fast. If not, then the connection will fail. After connected, then Bluetooth sometimes connects and disconnect. I am using Garmin 735XT and also Venu SQ, no problem with the connection for these 2 watches. Can anyone here help or share the solution?