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Vivomove watch face with lighted hands

Just got a new Vivomove watch yesterday and so far I think it's fantastic. The only thing I've found a little on the con side is the watch faces have hands that are difficult to see in low light. Going through the setup I see I have 6 face options to chose from and can vary the stats I see above or below the hands. Are there any watch faces available that will either allow you to remove the hands and use only digital time (that lights) OR is there one that will light the hands when you tap or rotate?



  • No, neither one. But when you move up and rotate your arm the watch should enable itself and show the digital time.

  • I set up mine so that when I rotate the wrist to get the display to turn on, I can swipe left or right and see time and date on the lower display and battery level on the upper one. I prefer to have steps (upper) an date (lower) on the main watch face.

    Also, the watch faces you see on the app screen are only to show the layout. Once you pick one in the "Style" tab, you can use the "Complications" tab to select what you want to show on each display. The "Color" tab allows to change some of the color accent, but unfortunately not the color of the main fonts, which is always white.

  • Got it - Thanks, would be nice to have lighted hands to be able to see them in the dark. Maybe some time in the future. ;)

  • I agree it's a missed opportunity although it's really easy to use to a single swipe to a screen that shows the time - I have the same setup as the poster above mentions.

  • The Luxe model does have lighted tips (and a better glass -sapphire - if that matters to you). 

  • You are correct. But, the silver model is generally a poor choice of color and ontrast for the user. In low light, you don't see the dial (ok, omplications, show time and date for example, works) But in broad sunlight, you don't see the complications (poor visibility) you can crank the intensity all the way up, still poor display. I agree that the silver-moss green model is sporty but the dials, choice of hours and minutes markers, etc. fails to reflect this and turns it into a very drab looking model.