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Automatic detection of cycling as an activity

For walking and running you can set the watch to automatically start a "full size" activity after 5, 10 or 15 minutes. It is switched off by default, but if you set that to say 5 minutes and start walking, then after 5 minutes the watch will buzz and launch the walking app by itself. It even includes those first 5 minutes.

For cycling it detects me cycling and places it on my timeline as a Move IQ event without the plots and graph but it is not stored as an activity.

Would be cool to have that feature for cycling as well but this is not the case at this moment. Do you have an idea when this will be added ? I also have the impression that the cycling activity is not considered to calculate the VO2Max. Is this correct ?

  • I have a similar issue, but don't have the option to detect cycling as a Move IQ event. The only option I have is to select a workout, but then this does not record the cycling activity correctly and does not out towards Vo2Max etc.

    How do you set up a cycling event as a Move IQ event?

    Agree would be great if cycling as a workout type like walking/running etc

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    I agree, I can see that my Venu Sq detects that I've cycled, but it doesn't have any graphs/stats and doesn't count towards active minutes. Would be great if it could at least count towards active minutes or show up in my activity history, I think this'd make the interface a lot more cohesive. Thanks @Garmin Devs

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    I am missing this so much.

    Google Fit already do that.