Hr and tracking on vivoactive 3 not working

My vivoactive music 3 is no longer tracking my heart rate nor my stats. I have done a hard rest, I have tried to connect to my app and it will not. Settings state the software is up to date. The sensors are on but no green lights on the back. The sensor has been cleaned as well.  I don’t know what to do from here and would love some guidance to fix before I get a new watch.

  • This might help you diagnose:

    To access Test Mode:

    1. With unit in “off” state, turn the unit on
    2. As soon as the display turns on, press and hold the button
    3. Wait for the unit to vibrate 3 times and release the button (there will be a long gap between the second

    and third vibrations). The unit will then enter test mode.

    1. Press the button multiple times to access the various test screens

    To exit Forced Test Mode:

    1. Press the button (vivoactive 3: 5 times)
    2. You should see the screen "Press and hold the power button to disable forced test mode"
    3. As directed, press and hold the power button until the Garmin triangle appears, indicating the device is powering back to normal mode.
  • You'll want to check the WHR version on your watch : Menu > Settings > System > About > Scroll down and find WHR. If it reads 0.00, you'll want to plug the watch into a computer and use Garmin Express to update this: How Do I Install Garmin Express Software?

    Then, you'll disable the wrist heart rate and hard reset (Press and hold the top-left button for 30 seconds) the watch. Then re-enable wrist heart rate. 

    If you continue to experience this disruption, please reach out to your local Garmin Support team.