Intensity minutes not working - what is going wrong with this device?

Today I have done 3 activities, but Intensity Minutes shows 0 for today. The days before it counted some every day. It shows it on the device so in the App it does not add anythings
Why could this happened?
How can I fixed that?

(Activity Tracking Accuracy is plenty wrong! )
  • The intensity minutes is based on heart rate levels. If your levels are set too high for your fitness level or age, you wont get credit. The best thing to do is monitor your HR during a rather difficult workout, look at the peak, and set your levels manually to that. Then your intensity will be more meaningful to your heart rates.
  • Also make sure "activity class" under "settings/user settings" in Garmin Connect matches your level of activity. There's a chart somewhere in the docs.See , This makes a big difference in the calculation of intensity minutes.
  • Intensity minutes seem to be a bit odd. Yesterday I did not have the hr measurement on, was walking around quite a bit but with very low speed and managed to get 100+ activity minutes, which was odd.

    Normally it is very hard for me to get intensity minutes (presumably because my rhr is quite low) but changed the setting from auto to hr levels so will see how it is from now on.
  • Intesity minutes are suddenly not recorded anymore. While I still 'score' intensity minutes for normal walking, even without HRM (!), i didnt get any for my hard cycle, long run, interval runs or stairs. 2 weeks ago it was still working OK. Many people seem to be reporting this in the last few months. Hope Garmin will come with a solution soom.

  • I have some of the same issues you all have listed.  

    Take a look at how tight you wear your watch.  If mine is loose, sometimes I dont get a reading.  This is especially true when I row.  Also, sometimes I have to wipe off the sensor to make it start recording. I usually leave it a little damp (like a chest sensor), or I do a dynamic warm up to get my heart rate up before I start a workout.  Again, this is true for rowing, and biking sometimes. 

    I have had my watch record intensity minutes on a slow walk.  I think I read that it will record intensity minutes, even if your heart rate doesnt go up, if you are moving for over 20 minutes.  

    I may be wrong...

  • There might be some logic in it. However, I just noticed a sudden drop while i'm not training less (rather more) and not suddenly wearling my watch a diffferent way. And walking alomsot always allows intensity minutes still. Looks like data from Edge 1030 does not get added - why?

  • I’m seeing the same thing with my Fénix 5. Yesterday I commuted to work by bike like I do most days. Looking at the activity on the garmin app, it looks as it usually does... same mileage similar heart rate stats, etc. but no intensity minutes were added. Seems like the watch is working fine. The problem is with Garmin’s calculation or recording of activity minutes. Not cool. 

  • I have the same problem. Bought a new garmin edge 520 plus for tracking on the bike, went for some long cycles, over 2hrs, and saw no change in intensity minutes. How can we resolve this?!!

  • Same here - cycling suddenly doesn’t count for intensity minutes and calories is under recording - assume its as a result of latest firmware ?