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Venu SW 4.90 is now live

This update can be downloaded with Garmin Express or automatically with Garmin Connect Mobile (pending rollout). 

Change Log:

  • Improved WIFI connectivity and status messages
  • Fixed an issue with iOS messages repeatedly being displayed
  • Made improvements to broadcasting heart rate
  • Fixed an issue to ensure GPS firmware updates are downloaded
  • Fixed an issue where Connect IQ data fields could impact battery life
  • Fixed an issue where Connect IQ watch faces could impact battery life
  • Fixed an issue where pages are not displayed for the last golf widget
  • Made general improvements to stability
  • Update installed a few minutes ago.

    Good news!!!

    The 2 to 3 sec  delay for Connect IQ watchfaces to be displayed has gone.

    At least for Vdash watchface I have trued.

    Please report your findings with other Connect IQ watchfaces.

  • Still do not send a heart rate in the quick menu. 

  • This update is awesome.

    No noticeable delay with Connect IQ watchface - Data Lover

  • Every new software that comes out, I hope it brought the 3x press of start/stop to start the top activity. Just like you could on VivoActive HR... Really miss that behavior. Especially in winter time, so one could record the commuter ride without having to pull the watch out and remove gloves.... 

  • I'm a big fan of that as well. Just an FYI, you can currently do this if you only have one favorite activity in the app list set.

  • Can you share a timetable for the other 80% rollout?
    I am not receiving the update yet, and I assume I'm just not part of the 20%.

  • Couple of days usually based on past rollouts. Assuming they don't discover any issues. At 50% now so 100% rollout cant be too far away.

  • Ah cool. Did not know that. Thanks a lot!

  • Yes!!! I tried several watch faces and they are noticeably faster! The builtin, basic watch face wakes up in probably less than half a second. The IQ watch faces seem to waking up somewhere around half a second, or between 0.5 and 1 second. This is awesome.
    So far I tried these watch faces:
    - Crystal: ~ 400-500 ms

    - ActiFace: fast

    - Actface: fast

    - vDash: as fast as built-in watch face

    - Digital boost: ~ 500-600 ms

    - Home-Fit Thrill: ~800-1000 ms

    - Fusion: ~ 500-600ms (This watch face is really great, my new favorite. Picture with my setup: here)

  • Really great to see the operating system advancing in terms of capabilities here.  I have one question - when can the golf distance measurement - as specified in the Garmin Connect app - be honoured on the watch itself?  It is a poor experience to have to change units globally for the watch before a round (if I remember) and again after a round (if I remember).  I have logged this question with support on more than one occasion and would be super-grateful if this could be included in a future OS release for Venu.