Venu SQ Questions

Hi there,

My wife needed an upgrade from her old Charge 2. We purchased the Fitbit Sense but returned it as a lot of the useful data was paywalled.

We're looking at the Venu SQ (or the round one) now and I am having trouble finding a few things. Important context: my wife has a chronic illness so this isn't for fitness/training. However, the HR, Sleep and other metrics are very useful to monitor some of her symptoms.

What I'm trying to finds out are:

  1. Are there watch faces that show live HR?

  2. Is it possible to turn the screen off at night so it doesn't light up (we had an issue with that on previous watch)?

  3. Does the watch automatically detect and start a clock at the beginning of activity? - Mostly for walking, it is nice to just have it come on when we leave the house for a walk and not have to 'start' the activity.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!