course transfer error when trying to transfer downloaded golf course

I am going to play a round of golf today for the first time with my Venu SQ music.  I have downloaded the golf course in the connect app and I get an error "course transfer error" when trying to send it to the watch.  I was wanting to set all of this up in advance so there are no troubles at tee time.  Do I actually have to be AT the golf course in order for it to transfer to the watch?   I have tried all of the troubleshooting tips that I can find on google to no avail.   Any other suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!


  • You need to set it up before you go to the golf course. The watch can hold 5 courses at any time and they need to be downloaded to the watch to work.. I assume you select the course in the menu  "download golf course" and use the '+'  to add one ? After that you just start the golf activity (on the venu) and select the course (if BT is connected) to download it. So it is not sending it to the watch but rather the watch downloading it from your pre-selection (I am probably a bit too explicit but lets make sure we are on the same page). I have never seen that to fail and never seen the "course transfer error" The only suggestions I would have is to delete the course from the selection (long press it and delete) and try to download it again. You can try another course if you like to see if there is an issue with the file it downloaded (again never seen that but you were asking suggestions). In short, you can download a course anywhere you like, start the golf activity and skip GPS to download any course in the world.

  • Thank you so much for the response. The courses do not show up on my watch, anywhere. The only way I am able to “track” my golf activity, is to go into the golf settings and toggle the “record activity” option, ON (this takes about 6 different steps to get there, which is not user friendly at all). Even then, it just goes right back my watch face like I’m not tracking anything (I am wanting to see live tracking of my golf activity, like I do with all other activities I start on the watch, not sure why that doesn’t happen). After my golf round, I go back into the golf settings and toggle OFF the record activity option (another 6 steps), then upon sync, it will show up in the app. Never anything on the watch itself. It’s bizarre 

  • You should have the golf activity on the watch and start it as activity like walking, cycling etc. So, (to check if its there) if you look in connect and click the watch you should see in ' activities, apps and more'  the golf activity. It might not be in your favorites, so you can add it. this list of favorite activities should be visible when you press the top 'A' button on the Venu.

    When you press the ' A' button on the Venu it should show on the watch as '' golf'  and you can start it, skip gps and download golf courses. It shows you all kind of information on the hole and you can see hazards and such. Why record golf when you don't use the info provided on the lengths ;-)

    So I agree, your way to record the golf activity is cumbersome and does not work properly (it probably only records the walking bit anyway), that is why Garmin created it as activity to be started easily. In effect, it starts the golf course information as well as a walking like activity to record the nice walk in bushes, sand, rough etc ;-) I am not sure why you need to perform these steps since it looks like golf itself is installed on the watch since you have settings for it. Can you tell me if the activity is visible when you press the 'A' button since there might be something wrong with the activity itself on the watch. 

  • Since upgrading to 17.04, I have been unable to transfer golf courses from the Garmin Connect app to my watch.  I keep receiving the message: "Courses Transfer Error"

    I have tried restoring the watch to factor default settings, deleting all activity data, and deleting and reinstalling the Connect app, but nothing has worked.  

  • Yes, the activity is there. It is also in my favorites. When I select it from the watch, it says “wait for gps” I have “waited”for gps and I have skipped it. Either one I choose, always goes to “transferring courses”. The green box around it moves, then switches to “course transfer error” with a red box around it. It then goes back to my list of favorite activities where I selected golf in the first place. It definitely doesn’t seem right to me.

  • Aha, now I understand, so the error occurs when it tries to get the courses from the pre-selection you made. I tried to reconstruct it on my vivoactive to see if I can recreate the error:

    1. Courses deleted from the watch and no bluetooth -> tells me it needs to be connected

    2. Courses deleted from the watch and empty selection -> get the message that I need to download golf courses

    So, conclusion, this is an abnormal error condition probably caused by the connect app itself. You can try to delete the golf course you selected there and clear the cache of the connect appllication (or even clearing the bluetooth cache if that fails to work). It is trouble shooting time and if you can't find a solution I would suggest to chat with Garmin support to see if they know the issue. They will probably suggest to hard reset the watch (holding the 'A' for 15 seconds+ which keeps all data but the watch shuts down and if you start it it executes a clean boot)

  • Thank you SO much! The connect app didn’t give me the option of clearing the cache but I “forgot” all of my Bluetooth devices, turned off Bluetooth and restarted my iPhone. When choosing the golf activity, the downloaded courses showed up immediately! Problem solved! Thank you again! Blush

  • Woohoo! So it was the phone (iphone does not have cache clear but reboot typically does that).. So happy for you, now you can finally enjoy the golf functions. Hope it improves your game !

    Hope your weather is better than mine, we have been grounded for a while due to wind and rain. 

  • It is absolutely raining today so, unfortunately I won’t be able to use the golf functions until the weather clears but I am excited for it! Many blessings to you!