Garmin Venu Sq. Why the music widget if I can't play music?

I've had my Venu Sq. for a few months and finally tried to see what I could do with the music widget. I'd like for it to control the music on my phone.

The watch came installed with the music widget on the screen when I swipe down.

I looked at the User's Manual for the Venu Sq. and the instructions do not apply to my watch. There's no option in the Connect app to connect to Wifi so I can use a 3rd party music provider (in my case Spotify.) The manual is labeled "Venu Sq" but apparently includes instruction for Venu Sq Music that don't apply to my watch. 

But why did my Venu Sq. come with the music widget pre-loaded onto the swipe down screen if I can't even use the music controls on my watch? Am I missing something here?

  • I have a Venu Sq. and the Music widget works for me. I use it to control podcasts on Pocket Casts and music on Spotify. It's connected via Bluetooth to a Pixel 4a running Android 13.

  • Do you have Venu Sq. Music? I am referring to the straight up Venu Sq. If that's what you have would you mind telling me how you were able to set it up to use the Music widget?

    the Venu Sq. manual says:

    Wi‑Fi Connected Features: Wi‑Fi is available only on the Venu Sq Music device


    To sync your watch with a third-party music provider, you must connect to a Wi‑Fi network. Connecting the watch to a Wi‑Fi network also helps to increase the transfer speed of larger files.

    1 Move within range of a Wi‑Fi network. 2 From the Garmin Connect app, select the bars or dots. 3 Select Garmin Devices, and select your watch. 4 Select General > Wi-Fi > Add a Network. 5 Select an available Wi‑Fi network, and enter the login details.

    I tried the steps above anyway, even though I don't have Venu Sq. Music. Under 'General' there is no option to connect to Wifi.

    I've also tried these instructions from the manual:

    Listening to Music 1 Open the music controls. 2 If necessary, connect your Bluetooth headphones (Connecting Bluetooth Headphones, page 8). 3 Hold B. 4 Select Music Providers, and select an option: • To listen to music downloaded to the watch from your computer, select My Music (Downloading Personal Audio Content, page 8). • To control music playback on your phone, select Phone. • To listen to music from a third-party provider, select the name of the provider, and select a playlist.

    When I press "B" on my watch I don't have an option to select Music Providers. i have "Watch Face" "Clocks" "History" and the settings gear.

    So if my Venu Sq can't control music, why do I have the Music widget? If it CAN control music, how do I do it?

  • No, I have the Venu Sq. No Wifi or music storage. As for how I make the Music widget work, I start the media app on my phone then I go to my watch and swipe to the Music widget. There are no settings for connecting Bluetooth headphones or Music Providers. It just controls the playback on my phone. 
    All I can really recommend is resetting your Venu Sq. It fixed an issue with display timeout for me.

  • Thanks. I guess I'll have to reset my watch; that doesn't work for me. 

  • Hi  I had the same issue and was driving me nuts, but he response from  was correct.

    Fo me when I pressed play with the Music App, it was opening YT music on my phone.  There is no option to Select Music Provider.  Instead what I needed to do was first close YT, then open Spotify on my phone.  With Spotify open I pressed the play icon on my watch and I could then control Spotify.

    But all I can do is stop/start the current playlist as well as skip songs and adjust volume.

    Hope this helps you.