Venu Sq GPS issues – distances/GPS are suddenly incorrect?

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this issue. I’ve had a Venu Sq for a couple of years now and never had problems, but over the last few months I’ve started noticing the GPS tracking is way off what it used to be. I don’t know if this is the result of a software update or something. When I zoom in on my maps, I can see the tracking line zigzags around a lot and is often way off my actual route. My main sports are running/jeffing and walking. I only realised how bad the problem was on Saturday when I ran a half marathon and my tracked distance was 0.8 miles off the course distance as measured by the race organisers.

I tried changing my settings yesterday. GPS was set to GPS + GLONASS so I changed it to GPS + GALILEO (I’m in the UK so this might be better for satellite coverage). I also changed data recording from “smart” to “every second”. A test run suggests this has helped and distance is now more accurate, but my maps still look very erratic compared to what they used to be. For example, these runs were all run on the same course: – run yesterday, with GPS set to GPS + GALILEO and data recording to “every second”. – run a few weeks ago, with GPS set to GPS + GLONASS and data recording to “smart”. You can see the map line varies much further from the actual course than for the run above, and although it measures 5K just as the run above does, it actually finishes significantly earlier on the route. – run 18 months ago. The line here is far smoother than both the above, with much less variation from the actual course run.

I’m in an email exchange with Garmin about this issue but wondered if anyone here had experienced the problem and had any insight. Could it be my watch has developed a fault, or has a software update sent things squiffy?

  • My Garmin venue sq showed for years 13,65 km for my standrad running track. Suddenly it shows 14,1km for exactly the same track.  It's clearly an software thing. Not sure what garmin did in one of the multiple software updates. If i could i would roll back to an older software version.