Right Pedal Sensor Missing

After a couple of trouble free years I’m constantly getting this error on my rides and it’s driving me mad.

I’ve replaced all the batteries (twice) and I’ve fitted the new battery covers/holders that came with my Rally conversion kit to Shimano SPD-L.

My only thought is that I must have the older battery boards, but I can’t find anywhere that I can get replacements - garmin website just says they’re on back order!

Anybody got any ideas on how to fix this issue or get replacement batter boards?

  • I don't know where you could get the replacement boards, but maybe you could try gently prising the contacts on the boards up a little, to improve the contact with the battery. In the early days, I remembered folks placing a slither of cork beneath the contacts to help maintain a good contact with the battery. 

    And have you tried dabbing a little oil on the battery contacts? 

  • Contact customer support. They can work with you to make sure you have the latest connector. 

  • Thanks for the suggestion.  I found a Garmin Support Video “Vector 3 Battery Replacement” and followed the instructions to clean all the contacts with alcohol and then dab a little baby oil on them - wasn’t aware of the need to do this.  The small outer contacts on the battery board had black dots on them which came off with alcohol and a cotton budl. Went for a 45km ride this evening and not a single drop out.  Here’s hoping!!!