Vector 3 Production Status

We are working to fulfill any open warranty orders as quickly as possible. We have inventory prioritized for this purpose and UK warranty orders started shipping this week. The rest of the EU inventory is in transit to local European distribution centers and will be shipped to customers awaiting warranty orders as soon as possible. We expect these orders to start shipping early next week.

The power dropout, spikes, and “right sensor missing” issues that some users have reported are also being treated with an extremely high level of attention. Software version 3.30 has resolved a software issue that could cause these issues, and we are also well underway with the design of a new battery cap that will resolve the possibility of a hardware issue being the culprit of similar symptoms. We are charging ahead with this new design and expect to begin distributing this part to affected customers in mid to late May.

We value our customers and their decision to purchase Vector 3. We will stand behind our product and make sure you are satisfied with your purchase.