Tacx Vortex - Red/Green LED flashing, bluetooth connected, no speed, no resistance

I have read dozens of threads with the following issue - LED flashes between red and green, device connects to the phone/pc but doesn't send any feedback (no speed reading, no resistance/power reading, no rpms).

Some suggested that hardware might be broken, with some resistors being blown out. In my case hardware looked ok. Now blow outs, no funny smells, no shorts.

I have been battling with this issue for over a year, and yesterday I found a solution to my issue. This may not work for anyone else, but I thought I share. My device is on 3.1.22/1.1.3.

What works for me is to force the device to re-download the firmware. To do this, I disconnect the device from the power, at the device jack, not the wall. Once it is powered down, I insert the plug only partially such that I can power it off/on very quickly. I do hear electricity cracking, if you will. At one point the LED will start flushing orange. At that point, I move the power plug a bit slower, until the LED turns solid orange.

This forces the device to re-download the firmware. Usually after I re-download the firmware with my phone app, the devices works ok. Make sure you have good internet connection. When I do that in my shed, where the internet connection drops, it will brick the device. That is not a big problem, I just redo the process.

Some may say, poor power contact may damage my device. I just want to respond to these claims, it won't, the device should be designed to withstand these power surges. If it does get damaged, it was useless to start with, so I am not risking anything. Not doing the above is risking not having to use it again.

Hope it helps someone.