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Weird pattern on the glass

Hi, I just bought a used scale and, yea, the "electric/electronic" part is not working Disappointed

It has some weird patterns, that I cannot determine if they are on top of the glass or beneath it.

The scale, after "successful" pairing always show the wrench icon (despite I have set as dns...). 

I  dont get anything except basic weight....

Is it broken, shall I "attack" the seller or ?

  • You've probably already searched the user manual, but just in case, maybe this helps:

    If it's physical damage, then I'd contact the seller,

  • Today, I managed (with pretty extensive networking background knowledge) to crack this one, an it's now working:

    the core of the problem was an ol firmware (3.00), which was fixed on trying to contact Garmin's NTP server @ Upon failing (which I still don't know why Garmin doesn't fix it), the scale basically freezed and do nothih (displaying the wrench icon).

    I've setup local DNS server for the domain and served this server as primary DNS server through DHCP request. I manually added local NTP server as "" and the scale BOOTED!! 

    Then it was just a bit of network sniffing to determine, tha the scale needs the IP address of and to FULL start working and download latest firmware (3.20) and after upgrade, I could remove the "fake" setup.

    The scale is no fully functional!!! :D

    I hope thil will help someone....


  • Thanks for the follow up. I'll now close this thread as "resolved."