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Add a second user to the Garmin Index Smart Scale

I follow the manual and add my wife as a second user to our Garmin Index Smart Scale. She receives the invitation in Garmin Connect Mobile and accepts the invitation. She completes her details (name, height, etc.). The scale is added in her Garmin Connect Account.

But on the scale, she is not visible. And in Garmin Connect Mobile, she has an error saying that she had to make a connection to the Wi-Fi via her settings of the scale in Garmin Connect. But there are no such settings. And of course, her mobile is connected to our Wi-Fi network.

What can I do? The manual describes in great detail what I have to do as first user to invite others, but I do not find any information about what the invited user must do (aside accepting the invitation).

Many thanks in advance for helping.

  • I am having the same issue. I’ve had my index scale for years and all of the sudden it disconnected my husband and I can no longer add him back in. This started with the new updated that was just pushed.

  • we have the same issue as well as quite a few others (on another post). I'm getting the error message about wifi settings too (hubby is 'owner') and its so frustrating. We've yet to find a solution, hopefully Garmin will sort it soon

  • I am in contact with Garmin Support in Belgium and at least, they take my request for help seriously. They have asked for screenshots and for the Garmin Connect Mobile log file for analysis.