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Index Scale not Zeroing out

My index Scale is about 2 1/2 years old.

Just recently it has been displaying 2.9kg when on a hard surface and no weight. Coincidently this is the weight of the actual scale.

When I pick up the scale it shows 0.0kg, put it down it shows 2.9kg, it is weighting its self.

I have followed every instruction from Garmin, and reset, and pulled out and replaced the batteries, and deleted from my profile, and reconfigured, and again followed the instructions to zero out the scale.


there has been a lot of discussion on this forum regarding this matter.

Garmin please respond, can you supply a firmware update to fix this problem?  

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  • To Garmin.  To those who have reported problems zeroing out our Index Scales, when you (Garmin) say it is a known  problem with scale, why don't you give the users a discount code of say 50% towards a new Index S2 scale?

  • I am having the exact same problem. Scale is 2 years old.

  • I’ve exactly the same issue.

    I think it’s showing the weight of the glass. 

    As I’ve taken the scales apart, (well it’s broken anyway), and it correctly zero’s the weight.

    When I went through the setup process, without the glass on top, it showed a few grams. Tapped the top as per the Garmin instructions to zero the scale and it did exactly what it should and went to zero.

    Feeling smug with myself for sorting it out, I put it together.  As soon as the glass went back on, it refuses to zero, showing around 3kg.

    Why can’t this be sorted out on the App, or by firmware?