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No Screen working and can't reset

Not sure if anyone else is having this problem and I can't find it on the forums, but I've had the index 1 for just over a year and now the screen doesn't come on at all. There's lighting around the edges, so I know there's power, but I can't reset the scale, can't get the screen working and nothing registers.... Anyone got any ideas?? 

  • mines done the same, and the internet has let me down at the moment. mine was still communicating to the Wifi and garmin, but when I changed the batteries I couldn't reset it up 

  • Is it fair to say that no one has gotten a response yet? Mine just started doing the same thing after I changed the batteries.
    There's light around the edged, but nothing else. 

  • I ended up contacting Garmin and while it took a bit of time, they ended up replacing my unit with a refurbed one, so it might be worth making contact with them. Mine was out of warranty when I did it. Possibly a known problem with the units? I went through [email protected]

  • Good to know, thanks.
    If you don't mind me asking, did they charge you for the replacement?
    I did end up contacting support. At first they told me I was out of luck. 
    When I asked if they would be willing to do anything, they responded with: "The best offer I can extend to you is an out of warranty exchange for a replacement scale for $69."

    I may have to keep working this. 

  • Mines the same. Any solution other than buying a new set????

  • No, they didn't charge me anything for the replacement. They didn't even request the old one back, just told me it would be removed from the system after about 14 days (I'm guessing this is so it wouldn't be able to sync with garmin connect after this date). No charge, no fuss, just a replaced product.

  • I’m going through this now and was told it’s no longer being sold so I could buy the s2 for $69 and change. Why would I want to do that if it was working fine up until I changed the batteries?! What happens if/when that happens on the s2. So disappointed there is no other support for this issue. It’s clearly very common!