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Kids and Smart Scale

Is there a way to restrict the scale from recording weights outside of a weight range?  I'm in the 185-200 range but the scale records hundreds of weigh ins for my 25 and 35 pound kids.  If I can't figure this out I need to throw this thing away or put it in the basement where no one will use it.

  • I thought the scale was supposed to detect who is using it and only save the data to your Connect account when it knows it's you on the scale?

    I'm still waiting for my Index to get shipped to me, so I haven't tried this yet.

  • If so it does not work as intended.  

  • Sounds like you might be able to fix this by adding your children as additional scale users. The scale thinks it's you using the scale when your kids are using it, because it thinks you're the only user of the scale. You'd need to make a free Connect account for each of them, and then add those accounts to your account's connections. According to the manual:

    Additional Users

    You can invite up to 15 users to use your Garmin IndexTm device using your Garmin ConnectTm account. Each invited user must have a Garmin Connect account.

    NOTE: Only the device owner can invite users.

    Inviting Users with the Garmin ConnectTm Mobile App

    1. Open the Garmin Connect Mobile app on your compatible smartphone.
    2. Select an option:
      • For Android devices, select .

      • For iOS devices, select More.

    3. Select Garmin Devices > Index Smart Scale > Device Settings > Manage People > Invite Connections.
    4. Select Invite next to the user.

    Changing Users

    Your device distinguishes between users automatically based on weight and frequency of use. When you step on the device, it weighs you and displays your initials on the screen. If the device detects a different user, you can change users.

    While initials are displayed on the device screen, tap the device to move through the users registered to the scale.

  • Did that last year.  The scale added new ??? Users all the time and can’t tell the difference between me and my 35 pound son.

  • My scale arrived today and I set it up, connected it to my account and then shared it with my 10 y/o son's account. We both tried it out a few times, and each time it worked correctly - it displayed his initials and loaded the weight into his account when he stepped onto it, and vice versa when I stepped onto it. Sorry I don't have any further info to help you sort it out, hopefully somebody else here with more knowledge can help, but it all seems to be working well on my scale so far

  • The problem is not the scale, your problem is that your kids learnt how YOU use it. Meaning:

    They step on it and after weighting in, they select your user. If my 13kg (1.5 year old) daughter steps on the scale, neither mine nor my wife's account gets the measurement saved into it. Maybe can teach them to select their own user?

  • I can never get mine working with additional users.  Just took it out of the box and retried again, and my kid is still "Bust in silhouette?".  The weight would sync to her Connect account, with other info missing.  Her initials do not appear on the scale even Connect knows how to sync to her account.  Back to the box it goes and will be returning it back to the seller.  It is such a shame, as it works great for me alone.

  • NM, I got it working.  Apparently, the regular sync from the primary user is not updating all users data, and the non-primary user needs to sync his/her user information directly.  The documentation says the scale will be synced using Wifi, which is not the case for us.  At the end, my daughter installed Connect on an iPhone, and everything works after she resaved her user info from Index device within the mobile app.  Now I just have to add my son to the scale.

  • I can't teach a 2 and 3 year old how to navigate the menus on the scale.  It would seem to be easier to define a weight range or change per day that triggers the system to ask you to accept a weight.  Examples - I'm 6'2" and am unlikely to ever weigh 35# and my weight typically doesn't fluctuate by 150# throughout the day.

  • In the current version of Connect webapp, you are able to delete unwanted measurements.  Double check your firmware version.  Like I stated in my previous post, the scale can distinguish different users via their weights, once each user force push their stats via the Connect mobile app, after accepting the initial invitation.  However, a user can override the account that the scale chooses to report to from the scale UI itself by tapping, so YMMV.