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Index no longer measuring metrics

Since April 1st my Garmin Index scale no longer measures any metrics other than BMI - ie body fat %, muscle mass, bone mass etc. After taking my weight it shows the BMI icon with a tick mark at the same time as the upload arrows animate across the top. Then the remaining icons with a X indicating a failure. shows only weights since 1.04.

I've tried a factory reset, two sets of new batteries (ENELOOP) and reconnecting it to my Garmin Connect account. I've yet to try non-rechargable batteries to see if it's a question of voltage.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve?

  • +1 Same issue here Garmin scale no longer measuring the metrics. It is definitely connected to the wifi as weight is transmitted to Garmin connect. But when measuring an X appears and no metrics are displayed past the weight and BMI... How is it supposed to get resolved ?

  • I finally got this resolved. Turned out that a cable connecting the resistive glass panel to the main board had desoldered. It physically wasn't taking any readings. 5min job with a soldering iron. For whatever reason, I'm still getting an error but it works for other family members. The hardware itself is fixed.

  • Thanks will have a look into this option. Hopefully Garmin Customer Support can support the repair as it appears to be wide spread.

  • Garmin here has a flat rate repair regardless of the issue and you receive a refurbished unit. For the index it wasn't worth it vs. street prices of new scales. As I don't own a soldering iron at the moment, I had mine done by a local place that services electronics. If you open up the scale, take a look at the back of the glass plate near where the display is, that's where the cable came loose. 

  • OMG. I've been having the same issue for years and I always blamed it on the software. Today I found this thread and saw your response about the cables not being connected. I openend my scale and saw the same issue. It was a bit difficult to solder it back but I finally managed it and it works fine now. Thank you!!

  • You're welcome. 

    Interestingly mine randomy started working for me as well (not just family members) this very week. Weird Slight smile

  • Wow...just wow.

    I finally came across this thread and have been without the body composition data since the end of April 2020 - my assumption was that it was simply a poorly constructed product that failed after the requisite warrranty period (a bit burned on this one...I'm on my 3rd Fenix 3 after a series of barometer failures but this one seems like a winner, touch wood).

    Gently pried the scales open (starting at the top where there are two little plastic "pegs" and following around with a spudger under the glass where there are 2 clips per side) and ran the multimeter over both sides of the cables to see if there was anything untoward going on (broken circuit/high resistance) and couldn't find a thing wrong with it. No visible loose wires either, though I thought I could see some darkness on the tabs that maybe could be indicative of a poor soldering job. I desoldered the very small gauge wires, cleaned up the pads and resoldered with some good leaded stuff worked. And is still working. Colour me impressed. Soldering in the depths of the scales was not easy with my iron, especially with the battery compartment not being removable for better access, but they're repaired and I hope I never have to do it again!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write up your experiences as I was convinced that these were on their way to the e-waste pile...I far prefer to repair equipment but it's getting harder as the years roll by.

  • Happy to hear it and less electronic waste is always a good thing!