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Index Scale no longer connects

Has anyone fixed this yet?

I‘m unable to connect to WiFi. 
Tried all the suggested fixes splitting the WiFi signal, using the stick, using hotspot, resetting etc. 

Something clearly happened a couple of weeks ago. 

Come on Garmin the forum is littered with dozens of similar posts. 

  • similar issue, looks like the last connection was 3/8.  I was however able to successfully make a connection with both my iPhone Hotspot as well as my Guest network: currently setup with no password for testing.

  • I retested w/ setting my Guest network to use the same security level (WPA/WPA2-Personal) and even the same password and it connects without issue.  From what I can tell only the network name is different.

  • I was able to connect via hotspot on my phone and complete the setup. Then I reset the phone, connected via BT and set up a regular wifi network. Now the scale is working normally, but it is possible that Garmin has already eliminated the problem.

  • I believe I have identified my issue and it appears to be DNS related.  My main wifi network utilizes for a DNS server.  Changing that to utilize either my Xfinity DNS ( or Google ( my uploads (>>>>>) complete.

  • I had similar trouble using via the PiHole that I was using to redirect Garmin clock DNS requests to an alternative NTP server. (This was a work around for the previous DNS issues I encountered)

    It had been working well until the end of March, when the intermittent sync problems came back. I assume there was a server side change about that time, as I started to get multiple weigh ins per day around then.

    Setting up a guest network on my router for the scales resulted in the scales using my ISPs DNS server and so far they have been syncing without issue.

    TLDR: If you’re using a non standard DNS on your router, try changing it and test your scales again. Note you may need to reset your scales to clear the DNS cache.

  • I have the same issue here.  Since April 9 my scale stopped to connect.  

    Software version is 3.10, which seems to be the latest, but when I click the watch icon on top right corner of Garmin Connect web site, there is a badge with number 1 next to the scale.  When I click it, a message is displayed informing that there is an update available for the scale and will be proviced automatically through wi-fi.

    I am already using Google DNS, but the problem still exists..

  • So I had the issue, the scale was working on my WiFi and then stopped about 2 weeks ago (was working via Pi-hole with DNS). Tested on my guest WiFi (No Pi-hole but via DNS) and it just kept trying the connect with the antenna icon flashing. I also tried on my mobile hot spot (tested via and ISP DNS), this also failed with the flashing antenna icon AND the X in the top right corner.

    Fix: I changed my guest WiFi network to use DNS and the my scale instantly connected. This was about 30 minutes after the previous attempt so there might be a cache timeout for DNS on the scale.

  • Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

    I switched my DNS from    to and the scale now finishes its "wrench with a WiFi icon" screen, presents a checkbox, and works.  Since Garmin sent me a "replacement" for the problems I was having, I now have *two* working scales.

  • Thank you so much to WalshieAU. That solved it. 
    Changing the DNS server in the router from To Google DNS and worked

  • Same here: Index stopped syncing in March in my network (I'm using PiHole with I created a Guest Wlan for Index scales in my router with as DNS in DHCP server config. And now Index syncs.