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Weight rarely updates in Connect app

I weigh myself every morning, but when I check the Connect app, it usually shows only 2-3 days of weight.  After I weigh myself, the scale appears to connect to wifi and sync, but more often than not, it does not update the Connect app.

  • Same as mine, I have it connected to wifi, but it rarely updates when I am stood on it, and it does not update thwe software. I am confused, and very disappointed that this issue can not be fixed.

    it is not a WPA or WPA2 issue, as I have an open guest network and it doesn't like that either. The device does however show in my routers MAC address system.

  • I must be really dumb.....I guess I don’t even understand the scale has worked beautifully ever since I hooked her up. If I weight myself at 6am and it updates for the first time that day then weight again at 7 am it updates in GC and bingo, it updates connect as soon as I sync my iPhone....

    Am I missing something here?

    Always interesting to read these negative reviews....I’m not saying You guys aren’t having issues.....we all do right? But it seems my scale was made by the same company that makes my Fenix6 to work with my iPhone XSMax together with GC.....and that’s exactly what my watch and scale do. Seems to be very useful database.....ultimately I will wind up with an “average” from my weight-in....right?.....mine updates any ole time I weight and sync....but it only shows my last weight....the last time I weight during the day that the complaint here? You could plug a manual number back in there but why?

    From what I can see “the big picture” here, our scale is designed to take your average weights over a period of time (days, weeks , months and years) to show a relative record of progress, right? It was not designed or intended to show you weighting 25 times a day ea time you weight....but it sure as hell updates every time I weight even if that is 25 times a day. For what purpose would you want to weight and create a data base for hyper weight records? They serve no useful function unless your using surgery as a weight reduction tool that I can see.

    Lots of folks seem to have connection issues but I expect that cause you see it in every forum. I haven’t had mine but a week now but I’m impressed with the build quality and the full functionality of the unit. No issues here with any of it.....or my Fenix 6X Pro Sapphire either....

    Garmin Index scale 2?.......why? won’t be happy with it either. Go get a Taylor spring scale and write your weight down and plug it in GC every day manually and do the math for your related metrics because this Index scale is way to simple for ya.

  • There seems to be an intermittent problem with the Garmin servers which prevents syncing. Mine worked fine for years, then earlier in the year was out of action for a couple of weeks, then was fine again until last week.

    You can tell when this problem is occurring by looking at the wifi symbol on the scale - solid / arrows  tick = good, blinking top segment of the wifi symbol = bad. My experience from earlier in the year was that nothing I did broke it or could fix it - need to wait for the server side problem to be resolved.

    I think this is what people are referring to in this thread.

  • Yeah... that’s a great explanation and makes sense.... but...but.... here it’s NOT a problem with the scale....

    just seems the poor scale gets bashed a lot when in fact my studies have lead me to believe it’s almost never actually the scale itself which I have found to be a great addition to my Fenix 6 in line with my goals to get my health back to at least poor...i weight every morning and have been surprised by the data base info and have changed some of my habits to help with my substantial weight issues.

    might be worth noting I have logged as much as a 4.5 lb weight gain from one morning to the next (ouch).... weighed myself 3 times that morning (same reading to the 1/10 lb every time) and checked with my Taylor spring scale cause I was in disbelief.... also, this scale uses strain gauge and it’s important to stand in the same place (and hold your mouth just right) ea time you step on it.

    Glad you posted up Michael , I haven’t had any problems with mine at all but good information like this will be very helpful when my turn comes.

  • I have found that if the whole WiFi symbol blinks it is trying to connect to your wifi, it the lower pars is continuous on the scale is connected to your network but not to Garmin, only when the whole symbol is continuous on the connection to Garmin is ok and info syncs to the server(s). Mine is at he moment connected to my network but not to Garmin's Servers, been in this state now for a week, also had the same problem a couple of months ago. Hopefully Garmin gets the problem solved soon.

  • What do you need to practice in such weight loss apps?

  • I just got a new liver transplant and lost about 40 lbs from liver transplant since last weigh in and now it doesn’t recognize me.   I am thinking too reset the scale and look further into scale settings on gc.    Any other ideas.