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Index Smart Scale data not syncing to Apple Health (except Weight)

I've owned the Garmin Index Smart Scale since February 2018. Prior to that I used an alternative scale that measured body fat, lean body mass etc. and saved all of this into Apple Health on my iOS device.

Initially, after getting the settings right in Apple Health, the Index Smart Scale worked as expected; weight, body fat% and BMI all synced from Garmin Connect into Apple Health. (The fact that Skeletal Muscle Mass isn't available to Apple Health as Lean Body Mass is annoying... but not new!)

However, since June Body Fat% is no longer syncing. Weight and BMI continue to come into Apple Health, but Body Fat no longer does.

I've tried all the usual troubleshooting tasks; Disconnecting and reconnecting Connect from Apple Health data sources, re-installing Connect, removing My Fitness Pal as a 3rd Party app... nothing has solved this.

Given the NTP scale issues, I'm about ready to consider this product a very expensive joke. Smart? No... anything but smart.
  • Good luck. I contacted Garmin support this morning, and was told yet again to contact Apple....

    Fair enough, a bug happened. But the responses from Garmin have been appalling. Support have details of this this forum post, yet just tumbleweeds.

    I have sent support links and screenshots of the relevant Apple HealthKit documentation, and yet they are still claiming it is not their fault.

    Data is written to Apple Health by vendor applications via the Apple HealthKit API. Apple Heath does not pull data from applications, and is part of the phone operating system.

    Garmin Connect 4.8 was released on 28 Jun, so the app would have auto-updated within a few days. No iOS updates were released around this time.

    For me, body fat percentage is being written to Apple Health as BMI from 2 Jul (body fat figures are numerically correct, but misclassified as BMI and decimals not percentages). No body fat percentages being written to Apple Health since 30 Jun.

    Hopefully the shambles around their Apple Health / DST crashes might prompt someone to take a peek at the code a little more closely.

  • I will be more than a little annoyed if support come back with "Apple are at fault" as a response. I'm a professional in the digital space and have led teams that have delivered iOS apps (one of which was ranked #1 in the app store for a while). While I'm not an app dev, I know enough about this space to know the most likely culprit here... and it's not Apple's HealthKit API for Body Fat being stuffed up. That's simply not something Apple would have failing for 5+ months.
  • I’ve noticed the same problem. BF% being sent to Apple Health BMI table as an additional data point. And it is also on a completely different scale than the real BMI reading, so it screws up the chart as well.

    Garmin needs to fix this.

  • Have a look at the thread here:

    The response I've had from Garmin on this is nothing short of infuriating, from outright lies in order to shift the blame, to even claiming "It works like that by design" - which is patently absurd and insulting.

  • This morning's Garmin Connect for iOS update (4.13) actually appears to have resolved this bug... despite the fact that Garmin have told multiple owners who were experiencing this issue that it wasn't their fault. Funny that an update to the App fixed it then.
  • Sad and unfortunately normal