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Owner disappeared from Scales

i haven't used my Garmin Index Scales for the past week. This morning I hopped on, measured my weight and then displayed my wife's name. Tapped my footy to change it, but went to guest. Tried it again to night, same thing.
Double checked the Garmin connect App under Devices. All seems good, myself (owner) and my wife are listed as the users. Checked my user settings and saved, checked device settings and saved.
still doing the same thing.

then I decided to factory reset the scales. Done that, input the wifi code. Set itself up. Hop on, still the same?

Removed the scales from both our phones and redone a factory reset. Set it back up again, still displays only my wife and guest. Not me (the "owner"!).

any ideas?

The the only thing I have noticed is that it had an update yesterday (12th Feb) to v3.0.0.0