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I can't figure out how to add another user to the scale

I set up my account just fine, and now I want to add my wife.
I created an account for her on garmin connect, connected with her, and issued her an invite through the connect app.
Now what? Where can my wife accept the connection and put in her age and height?
  • Have you checked your wifes spam mail?
    Mabye there is a mail you must accept invitation.

    good luck
  • In Garmin Connect Mobile, go to notifications inbox (top left corner on iOS) and scroll down through the notifications. There you'll find the scale invitation.

  • Ok, it finally worked, but I wish it was faster.
    The notification appeared on my wife's garmin page a while later, and then it took a while longer for the scale to actually synchronize.
  • Suggestion: Make sure the invited Guest checks the Privacy settings on their Garmin Connect account.
    If they are set to "Private" I found the owner is stuck with a request sent and / or data will not go to scales.
  • I was able to register me as user using Garmin Express and a USB Ant+ stick.
    Initially I was also able to add users I had invited by "resetting" the scales as well but a few days ago this method no longer worked. Possibly after Express updated to

    However I then thought of something, tried it and this worked.

    1. Removed scales from Garmin Express (but not from Connect)
    2. Reset scales - held button for 5 seconds etc.
    3. Express paired via Ant+
    4. Added Garmin Connect account details to register the scales and added the name tag.
    6. Opened Garmin Connect and went to Devices, selected Scales which had been added.
    7. Invited the Garmin Connections that I wanted to add to the scales
    (Note: they must have opened a Connect previously and you must have connected with them
    8. Got the users to respond to accept the request - they add their name tag and click next.
    9. Your Index Scale page updates to show that they have been added to the scales
    11. Continued with the Express setup. It finds a network, asks for password and then - the good bit - synchronises with the scales adding you as owner and the users you have invited.

    OK its a workaround but as of 30th Sept it worked for me when nothing else would.