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Incorrect average swim pace


At the end of my pool swim this evening, my watch and garmin connect gave me a distance of 1,800m swam which took 32mins and 32 seconds. The average pace that was calculated was 1:29/100m. But after calculating the distance and time taken it works out to be 1:48/100m.

I’m wondering why the average pace is incorrect and if there is anything I can do to fix it?



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  • Without seeing the details of your activity it is hard to tell definitely, but the discrepancy might come from the fact, that total time includes rest periods, while average pace does not.

  • Hi , thanks for your reply.

    I looked more in depth at the activity and "Moving time" was 26:45, whereas "Time" was 32:32. So my pace of 1:29 was based off my moving time, rather than my "Time", but strange that there is also "elapsed time". I think "Moving time" is based purely on time where I was swimming. "Time" is where I wasn't swimming but hadn't paused my watch and the activity was still running. I guess to make it more accurate I should just ensure I pause when I'm not swimming.

  • That may not be the whole story. I've noticed that my watch doesn't account for kick drills very well. The time is included BUT distance is not AND it skews the ave pace making it seem even faster, oddly. The only way to get the correct average time is to edit the that time/distance out, which isn't right either. Seems like something they should fix.

  • I've noticed that my watch doesn't account for kick drills very well.

    The watch need arm strokes to determine completed lengths. For kick drills use the drill mode feature.

  • Thanks. Will say that feature in default mode doesn't jump out OR easily show how to integrate. That said, will appreciate once I figure it out.