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Swim 2 - wrong swim style detection (bug)

While swimming freestyle, for the last 3 lengths I increased my swimming pace and the style was recognized as butterfly. This is the activity: (Activity)

  • Hey while there are many things that i like about the Swim 2...the stroke detection is way off... I've had backstroke and overarm sidestroke both identified as breaststroke.The timings and counts are more accurate than the Vivo 3 and I actually usually know when/what i've swum (i swim a back/sidestroke since, even 2 years on, there are strokes that are still painful after having 9 anchors tying tendons back in place in my left shoulder; i don't think i'll ever swim fly again)


  • Came here to say this too.  I am coming from the Original Garmin Swim on which I logged well over 600 swims.   On the original Garmin Swim, freestyle would occasionally show up as butterfly when I did sprint freestyle, with a lower stroke count.   With the Swim 2, I'm getting a lot more regular freestyle showing up as butterfly.  Occasionally (like its happening a few lengths out of every swim) freestyle is showing up as backstroke, which never happened on my original Swim.  One observation is that I pull a lot for warm-up, like 800m-1200m, then I do shorter freestyle sets without the paddles/pull buoy.   Stroke detection on pulling is flawless, issues are only showing up later on.

  • Not to be a smartass, and I know that everyone has a perfect stroke technique, but couldn't it be used as a tool for correcting stroke faults? I have lots of issues with stroke detection, both FR910XT and Swim2, but I am not sure if the watches are wrong. I never get a reading of butterfly, even if I practice the fly. But get lots and lots of breaststroke result instead of freestyle. (interestingly improved technique gives a better hit percentage)

    E.g. butterfly detection instead of freestyle can show a crossover on the front. Just to think about it, maybe breaststroke detection shows a too short arm stroke, etc.

    Note, that if they change the detection algorithm to favor average swimmers, perfect technique might be misdetected.

  • Same here, stroke and length detection is barely working. Polar Ignite, which I also use, registers my medley swimming perfectly. While Garmin Swim 2 registers more lengths and wrong style when I swim backstroke.

  • basically...until something is done about fixing the software...i've switched to using the generic "cardio" for most of my swimming.  Esp. intervals.  The font/size on the 'TIME" are large enough that i can easily read it and going off on, say, a minute is very easy to do.. I guess i got esp. frustrated after 3 out of 4 laps of 100 back disappeared.  And i'm not at all sure how the "auto-rest" is supposed to work.  3-4 seconds get added on to the length and then never go away.  It DID count all the lengths of 500 yrds backstroke correctly, so that's something, i guess.

  • I don't think its all technique.   I'm a former competitive swimmer who still strives to hone technique, and  I'm fairly confident that my technique at least is within the bounds of good "legal" competitive technique.  For freestyle (where all technique is legal), I have minimal crossover on my catch and I'm swimming modern freestyle with "early vertical forearm" and all that stuff.  

    Also, my frame of reference is the OG Garmin Swim, on which I've logged 1500+ km over the last few years, so I have a good baseline there.  With the Swim2, I'd say the stroke detection works similarly with the exception of the "free detected as fly" issue I mentioned, which is much more prevalent on the Swim2 than on the OG Swim.  

  • +1 very poor style detection. I'm disappointed. Waste of money. I had Samsung gear fit pro 2 before this and style detection was perfect (although it's not good quality otherwise). 

  • and after nearly a year of Garmin Swim 2 launch, it is still bad

    in july I have switched back to Polar Ignite and I am happy

  • I switched from left arm to the right, and the stroke detection cured itself. It is worth to try on the other arm, even if you think that you have the best stroke technique. From 90% faulty detection it turned to 99% correct detection. Strange but true.

  • Glad to see I’m not alone.   Swim 2 consistently shows me swimming breaststroke for 1750 of 1800 yds.  Only the final two lengths, where I’m in an all out sprint, show accurately as free.    It’s more of an irritant for me as I almost exclusively swim free, but it’d be nice to get that resolved.