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735xt crashes each time at swimming

Hi All

I have a problem that my Garmin 735xt crashes each time when I go for an indoor swim. After 250 to 400m it stops counting.
Nothing works anymore and I need to do a soft reset that I can use the watch again. Obviously, it doesn’t record the swim. I have the watch usually connected to the Garmin Swim-HRT.

I have done a factory reset, but this didn’t solve the problem either.
my Garmin has the Software version 9.40.
Anyone having similar issues and knows how I can use the Garmin again?
Because otherwise it is soon useless for me, given that the swim season has started.

Thx a lot
  • Sorry to hear. Have you tried without the HRM to see if somehow that is contaminating the file so you can isolate it to the watch vs the HRM?
  • Did you ever come to a conclusion or solution to the problem. The last two times I did a workout the watch would simply exit the swim at no certain point and go back to time mode.

  • I am also experiencing the same issue. After about 300-400 yards the watch goes directly back to time mode. Did you find a solution by chance?

  • I've been using Garmin products a long time, and there are a laundry list of software and firmware issues that go years without fixes. You're burying your head in the sand if you don't think there are and have been many Garmin devices with headlining features that just didn't work.

    Off the top of my head, major features not working:

    • Livetrack just straight up did not work for years.

    • Many users of the Edge 810 found that it often just wouldn't display turn by turn directions. For me it would randomly work maybe 10% of the time

    • Fenix 5 battery life issues are super common

    • Took them years to figure out stable Bluetooth connections to phones