Time interval recount in the manual lap mode

My expectation would be:

I'm running interval mode. When I set the alarm mode to "Time", for example, it is 26 seconds. Meaning I hope I can run 26 seconds per 100 meters.

I pressed the lap button every 400 meters. This is the current process, it's correct, there are no issues. At the same time, the alerts continue to count.

The problem comes when I finish my break and I want to start the next lap, the alarm counter (26 seconds) doesn't restart when I start.

start run/ start timer (0 second)

end the lap(400m)/ timer beeped 4 times

rest 60 second/ timer will sound at 156 seconds

start next lap/ timer can't count from 0 second.

Is it possible to recalculate the counter every time LAP is pressed to start?

This is a very convenient pace for interval training.