Lactate Threshold Automatically Reduce?

Been using FR935 for many years, Max HR and LTHR auto calculated a few years ago when I was at peak, now over 50 and fitness declined a bit.

Does the LTHR automatically reduce down with auto detect as you age get less fit, or do you have to reset somehow?

I currently have HR zones based upon LTHR.

  • LTHR is not reduced down based on age, but your will notice that it can/will decline with age as you perform new tests. This is because your HR Max will decline with age and because gains in lactate post-processing effeciencies tend to fall back when not trained regularly.

    I recommend you don't rely on the auto-detection if you don't perform true threshold workouts (ie maximal steady efforts for at least 20mn), or the built-in threshold test (I guess there is one on the 935)

    If you train regularly, perform a field LT test at the beginning and end of each training program, or once a month. Even if you use the easier built-in test, it is a good idea that you verify your can sustain 20mn steady pace or power at your FTP estimate divided by 95%.

    To keep your metrics accurate, the most important is to keep your HR Max accurate. Don't rely on auto-detection there. If your doctor lets you, perform a field test or a lab test once a year and input the result manually.