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The altimeter in my Forerunner 935 suddenly stopped working.

The altimeter in my Forerunner 935 suddenly stopped working. The elevation got stuck in one position and didn't change since (about one week ago). The total ascent in all activities is "zero". I restarted the watch a couple of times with no effect. I think that the issue started after the latest update to 13.30. My friend from the triathlon club has the same issue. Anyone else with this problem? I already contacted the support, and I am waiting for the response. I want to find out if there is more of us.

  • absolutely agree. my first 935 lasted me about 9 months before its barometer died. the replacement "refurbished" watch has now died after 8 months. i'm out of warranty period now so i doubt they will be very helpful. when i had a problem with my 920 at about this age they said they would sell me a refurbished one for about half the price of a new one. i bought my 935 at full price instead as i didn't want to pay for old tech. more fool me as garmin don't seem to fix fundamental problems, just add new features i don't really use. they have a great operating model whereby we have to replace our watches every year or 2 as they just don't last which is unacceptable for the price.

    and yeah, the being without a watch for a week or more, inevitably during peak training, is not what you expect having paid that price either.

  • Mine has just gone too. Altimeter constantly indicates 20000m, all activities show 0 elevation gain. Garmin want £92 for a replacement. I like the watch but would not have bought it if I'd known it would last only 2.5 years. I think that a £450 product should reasonably be expected to last longer than this. From the number of responses to this post, clearly there is a problem with the product. Currently in dialogue with Garmin Customer Support, but it's not going well..

  • I was "lucky" both times mine failed it was still in warranty - I managed to get a full refund.  It's such a shame the 935 has this issue as otherwise it's a fantastic watch - I replaced mine with fenix 5 and in my opinion it's nowhere near as good Pensive

  • My barometer is all over the place (with the 15.1 update) resulting in at least 3 storm alerts a week. 

    My fr935 is still doing the basics okish (batterylife and gps and basic watch features).  I just see how long it keeps working and after that I try an other brand. Garmin is praised for having the most features, but most don’t work that well I’ve learned in the past years.

  • Just idly thinking about watches out of warranty, and possible DIY replacing of the sensor.. does someone know if there are detailed pictures of the internals of a FR935 around? Did someone take it apart?

    (I would have, if it had been out of warranty, but it isn't just yet. However, the last RMA is taking so long, that it may be out of warranty by the time I get it back)

    There are great images of teardowns of fenix 3 and fenix 5+:

    They give an idea of where the pressure sensor is located and what it could look like in other watches.

    The internal photos of the FR935 on the FCC website are not enough detail:

    The sensor will probably be something functionally similar to, for example, these sensors:

    ..but with specific physical dimensions to fit in the watch. It may be fabricated specially for Garmin.

    On Fenix 3 and 5+ the sensors are apart from the main board, so if there is one out there that fits, it could be replaceable.

  • Hi

    Meme chose pour moi !!

    same thing  for me, and i will send my watch for te second time !!!!

  • Where is the port? Is it that tiny hole on the back of the watch? Do you have to ship them your watch and wait for them to send a replacement? I workout pretty much every day and would not be willing to give up use of my watch for weeks. Is the 945 any better at this? Thanks for any feedback.

  • they sent me one and i sent back mine after i received the replacement

  • Thanks, that's good to know. 

  • Both times mine failed I was without the watch for around 10 days - even though the first time I told them I had an important race in the period it was going to be away Rolling eyes the 945 has the same issue!!