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The altimeter in my Forerunner 935 suddenly stopped working.

The altimeter in my Forerunner 935 suddenly stopped working. The elevation got stuck in one position and didn't change since (about one week ago). The total ascent in all activities is "zero". I restarted the watch a couple of times with no effect. I think that the issue started after the latest update to 13.30. My friend from the triathlon club has the same issue. Anyone else with this problem? I already contacted the support, and I am waiting for the response. I want to find out if there is more of us.

  • In my 935 altimeter does not work correctly - e.g. instead of 300 meters is 1500 m

  • Same issue.,.. started last week, Alt is stuck at whatever the last GPS calibrated alt was (And does not change) and the temp is stuck at 126F. 

  • I have the same issue with my Forerunner 935. Do anyone know where the pressure sensor is placed exactly?

  • Those who think to have a defect barometer: check its status on your device.
    Recently I spotted that there's a kind of debug/test mode for FR935.
    When you power off your device and then press and hold back and down buttons and then power on your device it boots up to what I would call a debug mode.
    You can toggle between different pages with different informations/test, e.g. "Baro Test".
    For me "Valid?" returns "Valid", "Local Press" is changing always, "Base Press" is a fixed value of 101082.55 on my device, "Local Alt" is 109.04 (which sounds correct for my place) and "Baro Temp (C)" gives 33.58 (surface temperature of my skin I'd say).

  • I received my 935 for Christmas. Back in March or early April the Altimeter stopped working and when I ran the test the baro came back as invalid. Garmin replaced the watch with a refurbished watch. Now I have the same problem with the 'new' one. When I did chat with support the person told me that the problem may be due to swimming. She had said that you should rinse the watch and not wear it immediately after swimming. Has anyone else heard of this? 

  • I am not sure it has anything to do with software upgrade. I have had the exact same problem and about to get my 3rd watch since December. When I spoke to support they said something about if you swim a lot you should wash out the sensor. I think this may be BS

  • Yes, I get 'Invalid' on my 935. Local Press shows no numeric value. Baro Temp also shows no value. Gonna try soaking it in warm water tonight...see if that helps at all.

  • was also told not to push any of the watch buttons under water as this allows water to get in.. a bit crazy for a swimming watch!

  •  Hardware broken. Garmin swaps watch 

  • Same problema here since two weeks ago