Customer service is a joke

Purchased a 735xt a few years ago. had a few updates the last year and a few days ago my watch stopped picking up GPS and would intermittently recording activities. So I reached out to customer support. Here is our dialogue.

Parham Ostadi:I own a Forerunner 735xt. After the last update, my watch has the following issues:

Does not pick up GPS signal
Intermittently stops timer during workouts.

Parham Ostadi:I did a factory reset but still have the same issues

Michael:Glad to assist you with a Garmin device, the last update for the watch came out over 3 years ago. If restoring defaults do not work the device would need to be exchanged. What is the serial number on the watch, and what country are you located in?

Parham Ostadi:ive had atleast 2 updates within the last year

Parham Ostadi:sn sticker is wearing off

Parham Ostadi:4285 is what i can make out as the first 4 digits

Parham Ostadi:*4s85

Michael:The serial number will also be on top of the box it came in, if you access the menu on the watch, select settings, system, and about it will show a unit ID. If you have it on the App, select more at the bottom right, select Garmin devices, hold down on the watch name and it will show a unit ID here as well

Parham Ostadi:3307159271

Michael:Alright. What country are you located in?

Parham Ostadi:usa

Michael:Ok. With the issues occurring after a reset, the device would need to be exchanged. The watch shows to be outside of warranty, there would be a flat repair fee of $79 to exchange with a recertified Forerunner 735XT tested to new standards and would come with a 90 day warranty. As we only have a few of these devices left, I can also offer to exchange the 735XT for 20% off the retail price of a new Forerunner from, this would come with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Parham Ostadi:the issues ocurred after the update

Parham Ostadi:i tried a rest to remediate the issues and still had the same problem

Parham Ostadi:*reset

Michael:The last update that came out was over 3 years ago for software, and there are no future updates being planned. With the watch 3 years past warranty as a onetime courtesy I can reduce the exchange rate for a recertified 735XT by 50%, to where it would be 39.50.

Parham Ostadi:this is comical.

Parham Ostadi:im telling you i witnessed with my own eyes that the watch asked me to update the software

Parham Ostadi:which took less than a minute

Parham Ostadi:and now a back inforht with you for longer than 5 minutes has given me an additional 50 % off?

Michael:Those would be the options available for the device. If you would like to take time to think over the options this chat will save under this e-mail so we can see what has been occurring.

Parham Ostadi:Thanks but no thanks. Have a good eve


Thanks for choosing Garmin. Have a great day!


Michael:The conversation has been ended. 

The fact that this dude was telling me the last updates were 3 yrs ago was egrigous. I've had two 1 minutes watch updates within the last year, and this guy was insinuating I was lying. As the conversation carried on, he lowered the cost of the replacement. 

Shame on you Michael. Your people skills would do well selling used car stereos. 

  • The last software update for the 735xt was indeed several years ago. What you got recently was probably a time zone map update. I don't know if a time zone map update can cause the issues you described. I'd think it's unlikely. Your watch malfunctioning at roughly the same time might just be a coincidence. The 735xt is notorious for it's unreliability in the long term.