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Locations (LCNT.FIT) editor for Navigation - Testers?

Because I wanted to be able to add locations to the navigation on the 735XT (and it seems the ConnectIQ app I used broke due to a firmware update) I wrote something for that in Java.

I works by opening your LCTNS.FIT file, manually editing/entering a location (lat/lon values are to be retrieved by google maps manually) in a graphical interface and placing it on the watch in the NEWFILES folder...

It seems to work fine for me and I can imagine this might be of use to others, but it is a first version and might be buggy (will be buggy is more likely), and is written in a pretty ugly way. So before I spread it I was just wondering if there are any users here who'd like to try it (no guarantees attached) and test it out. If so, pm me :)

If I distribute it in the end it will be for free of course...
  • I'd be very interested to test this out! Haven't been able to find a good way to access saved waypoints on my garmin Instinct (without jumping through major hoops)  

    I'm on Linux, so am used to working with source code. 

    Hope you still have this tool!

    (I'd PM you but somehow I am prohibited from sending you messages)

  • Old post... yet: I am also on Linux and would like to find a way to convert LCTNS.FIT to .csv and back, in order to add batches of waypoints. Any pointer appreciated.

  • I'm researching this exact topic.  Used my Instinct to capture a bunch of points along my lot lines and want to easily export those to whatever portable format (preferably CSV, XLS, etc.).