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Forerunner 630 sometimes locks Windows file system

When I connect my Forerunner 630 to my PC (running Windows 11) to upload activities and charge it, then want to disconnect it, I select the USB item from the task bar, click on the Forerunner device and select eject; normally this results in the usual windows "safe to remove device" message. However, on occasions there is a long delay followed by a message indicating that the device is in use (it isn't). On other occasions, when I don't even get this, I might open windows explorer and try to eject the device from there; this results in Windows Explorer locking up completely. Disconnecting the watch without ejecting it restores Windows Explorer, but the next time I connect it I'm told there are errors and the device needs its file system repairing, however when I do this it says no errors were found. I have ensured that the watch is excluded from scanning by my antivirus program so it cannot be that which is causing the problem. Has anyone else seen this, please, and does anyone know of a solution?