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Solved: Forerunner 645 Music stuck on Loading Screen (blue triangle)

A few days ago, when I turned my Forerunner 645 Music on, it would not start as it used to, but keeps stuck on the blue triangle screen. I already did quite a bit of research, but none of the solutions I found worked for me (connecting to Power, connecting to Computer, pressing LIGHT button for 20 seconds). 

Unfortunately, the warranty run out a few months ago. Is there anything else I can do?

Update: I actually found a solution that works, buried in the comments of a YouTube video. It looks a bit like voodoo and completely resets the device, losing all unsynced activities, music, watch faces and settings, but at least the Forerunner boots again. I hope this is of help for someone else.

I quote: 

1. With Garmin off, hold these 3 buttons: the usual power button in top-left, and the 2 buttons on the right hand side.

2. As soon as you see the blue triangle Garmin logo, release the power button but keep holding the 2 buttons on the right.

3. After a few seconds you should hear a BEEP, so now release the top-right button, but keep holding the bottom-right button.

4. A few more seconds and you should hear a second BEEP, and now you can release the final button. Mine then stayed on Garmin logo for a while longer, so I thought nothing had happened, but it did finally start up, and wanted me to pair my phone and go through the whole setup process as if it's a new device. It seems to have lost all my settings.

  • Hi ,

    Thank you so much for this post. The exact same behaviour happened to my Forerunner 645 M, and the watch was frozen on the blue triangle. I also called the Garmin support team but didn't get any answer after waiting for nearly an hour.

    I followed the steps you mentioned, and if bought life back to my Forerunner - similar feeling of give a CPR to someone.

    Thank you so much for taking time and sharing these steps, as I had almost given up on a solution.

    Although I don't want anyone else to have the same experience for their Forerunner, but if unfortunately they do have, your post would help them immensely. 

    Thank you