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Elevation Gain with altimeter is wrong

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone,

I have been having problems with the altitude display on my Forerunner 645 Music for some time. It shows far too many metres of altitude during activities (especially when I run on rather flat terrain).
I have uploaded screenshots of the altitude curve of a short training session on the 400m stadium lap. Without GPS altitude correction, the Garmin shows 300 metres of altitude gained. If I activate the altitude correction on the website, the altitude gained is reduced to 67.
It seems that the measured altitude of the pressure sensor fluctuates too much. When I have the watch on my hand and do not move, it also fluctuates in the range of +- 3 metres. However, when it does this every second, it adds up to several metres of altitude over time.

I have already reset the watch completely and tried to calibrate the pressure sensor (Manuel and with GPS). However, both always fail.

Does anyone else have any ideas what the problem could be?

Best regards


High with GPS KorrectionHight without GPS correction