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Headphone compatibility experience table

Headphone model Left wrist working Tested with FW Comments Link
Anker SoundBuds Slim+ Yes 2.4 & 2.5 works fine indoor and outdoor. Sweated to death after ~ 10 runs.
Hussar magic buds NO 2.5 cuts in and out on left wrist; pretty good when run/ not as good walking
BeatsX YES 2.4 2.5 4.0 works fine indoor and outdoor
Jabra Elite Sport NO 2.4 & 2.5 cuts out constantly when worn on left wrist. Works fine on right
TaoTronics TT-BH16 YES 2.4 & 2.5 works fine indoor and outdoor
TaoTronics TT-BH027 Yes 3.1 works fine indoor and outdoor.bit too much bass
TaoTronics TT-BH07 NO 3.7 Dropouts when using on left wrist. But its okay when using with the right one, with no dropouts.
Aukey Latitude YES 2,5 tested just outdoors
Aukey EP-B4 YES 2.5 tested just outdoors
Bose SoundSport Free Wireless NO 2.4 & 2.5 Works indoor both wrist. Recommend for no audio cutout to wear on right wrist for outdoor.
SoundPEATS YES 2.5 Works indoor both wrists. They are a little large, i.e., diameter of a quarter
Plantronics BackBeat Fit NO 2.5 Works fine indoor on either wrist, but outdoor left wrist causes intermittent dropouts. Outdoor on right wrist works perfectly.
Aftershokz Trekz Air YES 2.5 A truly wonderful pair of headphones, excellent quality and very comfortable, buds don't work for me, these are bone conducting ones.
Meizu EP51 NO 2.5 Good quality, comfortable, especially for 30$. Great work indoor - up to 10m, but in running/walking mode - pull out hand behind the back and receive intermittent dropouts
Skullcandy Ink'd YES 2.4 & 2.5 Rare drop out but only if I move my arm behind my back
JBL Inspire 500 NO 2.5 YES - outdoor while running NO - outdoor while walking (some cutouts) 500.html
Jaybird FREEDOM 2 YES 2.5 YES when switching controller right-->left side and sound via the Jaybird app.
Jaybird X3 NO 2.50 3.70 Activity - outdoor running. The earphones were worn in the "active" mode (over the ear method which puts the controller on the left side). Update 3.70: Unberable. Keeps dropping out and if you are walking it disconnect and doesnt connect back if you don´t do it manually. I think it got worst with the update of the fw
Mpow (MPBH088AB-DE) YES 2.5 Yes - when running No - when walking (regular cutaouts)
Taotronics Bluetooth 4.1 Yes 2.5 Works indoor & outdoor
Senso S-255 No 2.5 Cuts out on left wrist if you turn on GPS for running.
JLab Epic Air NO 2.5 Works indoor (see below from other user)
JLab Epic Air Yes 2.5 I've been running outside with GPS (& inside on treadmill) with FW 2.5 with watch on left wrist and have had successful results with the JLab Epic Air headsets. I've only ever experienced a rare drop out when I tuck my hand behind my back.
Jabra Sportpace Yes 2.5 Excellent! Works on left wrist, with GPS and HR strap. Hasn't skipped a single time while using GPS on runs. Very good fit, good sound, but heavy on bass and highs toned down, but still very good for running.
iLive True Wireless Earbuds NO 2.5 Cuts out on left wrist if you turn on GPS for running
JBL Reflect YES 2.5 Some cut outs
Sony MDR-AS900BT NO 2.5
Sony MDR-XB80BS YES 2.5
Sony MDR-XB80BS NO 3.70 Constant dropouts on left wrist. Works fine on right wrist.
RHA MA750 Wireless YES 2.5 works indoor and outdoor
JBL mini reflect YES 2.5 Receiver on the left, watch on the left, no dropouts.
Zolo Liberty+ YES 2.5 & 3.1 some cutouts outdoors (rare)
Skullcandy Method BT Sport Earbuds YES 2.5 & 3.1 Sounds decent. Pairs easily. No dropouts. Only tested outdoors. I was surprised how well both the horseshoe thing around my neck and the earbuds stay in place.
Apple Airpods NO 2.5 & 3.1 lots of drop outs with 2.5 but definitely less with 3.1. fairly frustrating. wouldn't recommend
Apple Airpods YES 4.0 No drop outs running indoor or outdoor, with arms/hands in normal running posture (outdoor: dropped out with hands at sides walking or hands behind hips stretching; indoor was perfect). During 1+ hour run outdoor by buildings but also in open areas: only experienced slight, occasional stuttering/static... maybe once every other song lasting milliseconds, so counting this as a YES; let's say better than satellite radio reception in my car going under a bridge. Also, as previously posted, had watch on left wrist AND synced to left Airpod, since either left or right can be the master.
Jabra Sports Coach YES 3.1 outside were pretty much faultless on either wrist - shortish run though. Only reproducible patchy dropouts on left wrist if held towards the back of the body on waist and further back
Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless YES 3.3 Works indoor and outdoor. Works since update to FW 3.30. Small dropouts during running but this is the same with my mobile phone.
KitSound Race YES 3.1 Unbelievable for the price great sound but not waterproof. Can be 8m away from watch so no drop outs with watch on either arm.
Bose Soundsport Wireless YES 3.1 Yes- Indoor, Yes - Outdoor Works perfect indoors on both wrists. Outdoors- works perfect on both wrists. Other user reports that these headphones don't work wtith this FW!
Jabra PULSE v.4 NO 3.20 Indoor OK, Outdoor NOK Intermittent audio. Cuts in and out frequently. For every 30 seconds. Very bad. Not acceptable Compare to using bt headset w iPhone, only short break once or twice for an hour run
MEE Audio X7 NO 3.20 Indoor OK, Outdoor NOK. Intermittent audio. Cuts in and out frequently. For every 30 seconds. Very bad. Not acceptable Compare to using bt headset w iPhone, only short break once or twice for an hour run
Tranya Sports Wireless Earbuds YES 3.30 works fine indoor and outdoor. No dropouts, sound quality good for inexpensive true wireless earbuds. YMMV
Sony WF-1000x NO 3.30 Constant dropouts even when not moving, would not recommend, even with the latest Sony firmware. Left and right sync issues and when GPS and ANT+ is added to the mix the sound is unstable. (They work ok with my android phone with less issues)
Sony WF-SP700N YES 3.30 I have seen no issues with the watch on the left wrist, when I switched the watch to the right I did have some breakups outside whilst walking, did not try running with it on my right wrist though.
Jabra Sport 65t NO N/A Works indoor. Not working outdoor, constant dropouts. Working on Right Wrist.
Anker SoundBuds Slim+ YES - indoor NOT REALLY outdoor 3.30 Works pretty much as Apple Airpods. Fine inside, not too bad when running outside, but when walking and arm is stretched, dropping all the time.
Aftershokz Trekz Titanium YES 3.40 A truly wonderful pair of bone conducting headphones
Anker Soundcore Spirit X Sports YES - indoor YER -outdoor 3.20 3.40 Works great when running but when the arm is stretched/dropped ie when walking, the connection will drop. Update 3.40: I no longer have the dropout issues.
Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 YES 3.40 Good pair of BT headphones
Zealsound True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones YES 3.40 works fine indoor and outdoor. No dropouts, sound quality is pretty good, especially for this price for true wireless headphones. They also stay in perfectly for me, because of the rubber 'hook
SILVERCREST Bluetooth headphones SBKO 4.0 D1 YES 3.40 Works fine indoor and outdoor on both right and left wrist. Absolutely OK when running outdoor. When walking outdoor with watch on left wrist, some minor dropouts experienced. But just by adjusting bt receiver (move it a bit down), bt connection was re-established and no dropouts. Sound is OK too. Links to CZ and DE version of e-shop provided, but should be available also in other Lidl e-shops. For 17.99 EUR you can't make a mistake. And it has magnets, so you can connect headphones together around your neck, when not using it. Works OK with GPS enabled
Sony SP500 YES 3.40 They work great. No skips, works on left arm, works on right arm, works when I move. Works if I put the watch on in one room, and go to the next room, with a wall between. I bought them because I wanted semi open headphones so that I can hear sounds. They look a little special but fit really well, and has a good price as well.
Roxcore Flow U NO 3.40 I have also tested with Roxcore Flow U (probably only sold in Scandinavia) and they didn't work at all. They skip all the time, at any distance from the watch.
Vidonn F1 Titanium Wireless Sports Headset Yes - Indoor Yes - outdoor 3.40 A cheaper bone conduction alternative which works well. Good connection on both wrists, in front and behind body, only slight break-up on left wrist with arm straight beside thigh. Edit: Starting to note more break-ups on left wrist when arm fully extended. Running position is fine
Samsung IconX (2016) NO 3.40 Does not pair!
Sennheiser 4.50BTNC NO 3.40 Does not pair!
SYLLABLE D3X NO 3.40 Does not pair!
TWS M9 NO 3.40 Does not pair!
Zolo Liberty NO 3.40 I have constant dropouts and it's unusable outdoors running. Rigth wrist is working though.
Zolo Liberty+ NO 3.40 3.70 I have constant dropouts and it's unusable outdoors running. Rigth wrist is working though.
ONEAR 500 YES 3.70 it works great on left wrist (645M in 3.7), during an outdoor run. There are made especially for running, and fit well in ears. the bluetooth transmitter is on the left side, so it works very well with the watch on left wrist.
Syncwire SW-BTE-01 YES 3.70 works fine both indoor and outdoor.
Syllable D900P NO 3.70 Worst than my others headphones. keeps dropping and there is some change on the volume depending the position of your arms or head.
MPOW T1 TWS YES 3.70 Until now, did four outside runs and no dropouts. although there are some lag and changes in the volume depending on the movement of your head or arms. I Hope it will last for a long time, because don´t think there is IP rating for water resistence
MIIEGO AL3+ NO ?? Dropouts when using on left wrist. But its okay when using with the right one, with no dropouts.
Jabra Elite 45e YES 3.70 Works indoor and outdoor, on both left and right wrist.
Jaybird Run YES 4.00 Left wrist works well while jogging but has serious dropouts when hand is lowered (for tall person). Right wrist is better ... Connecting is sometimes flaky.
Anker Soundbuds Curve YES 3.70 Left wrist works well while running but has dropouts when hand is lowered such as when walking. Didnt try right wrist. Able to reconnect easily by reaching arm closer to headphones momentarily. Headphones nice and cheap, just wanted something to listen to podcasts with.
Sony SBH70 YES 3.40 3.70 Work flawless. I always wear GM on the left wrist so didn't test the right wrist. This is a great water proof earbud bluetooth headset for somebody who don't like inear like me.
Creative Outlier ONE YES 4.0 Tested with left wrist only. Indoor range is fantastic, works even if watch is 2 rooms away. Outdoor is also great, didn't notice any dropouts during running or walking. The only time I managed to get some sort of connection issues was when I tried to put my arm as far as I can behind my back. Even then it left like a slight sound quality drop instead of dropout. I'm pretty amazed with the value of earphones for this price.
JBL Endurance Sprint YES 4.0 Works fine indoor and outdoor on left wrist SPRINT.html
Jaybird X4 NO 4.0 Used it in active setup. Unbearable, connection keeps dropping.
Jabra Sport Pace YES 4.0 Works perfectly in all conditions, have run outside in poor weather, good weather, for hours on end and not a single drop out when wearing watch on left wrist, despite bluetooth being on the right. Awesome, and good sound too.
Jaybird X3 YES - indoor YES - outdoor 4.0 Tested with the "regular" fit (controls on the right side) and FR 645M on my left wrist. I already run 10Km twice (both outdoor runs using GPS + GALILEO) and not a single cut during the workout. I was listening to a Spotify playlist and audio cues.
Jlabs JBuds Air YES 4.1 No dropout issues with either wrist indoor as well as outdoor. I can have my arm lowered, etc. I have two issues with these that may prevent these from being my everyday pair for my garmin: 1) EQ mode toggling does not work with garmin (does on iPhone) and I'm not entirely happy with the sound quality. 2) The volume control increments from the headphones are too coarse. From the watch is fine, but I prefer using the headphones.
Audio-Technica ATH-SPORT7TW YES - indoor No - outdoor 4.2 Works fine indoor. Outdoor with right wrist only. Right wrist connection is solid and the sound is amazing (a bit more bass heavy than ATH-50Mx). Really secure fit and light to wear despite the bulky look. Doesn't feel bulky at all and comfortable to wear even longer periods of times. Touch navigation takes a bit getting used to with left headphone to control volume and right one to pause/play/skip track. No sound at first even though I got a connection but rebooted FR645M and then it worked fine after that.
Plantronic BackBeat FIT 2100 YES - indoor No - outdoor 4.2 Outdoors: cuts out badly on left wrist. Works fine on right wrist. Indoor it seems good on either wrist. Sound quality is improved and is really good. Earbud FW ver. 0.18
Jaybird Tarah Pro YES 4.20 Works pretty well wearing the watch on my left wrist outdoors. Occasional skipping when walking with my hand down, but not too bad. I'm 6' 2" if that helps. Probably wouldn't skip at all with a shorter person. Works totally fine when running. Sound quality makes up for the few skips I've experienced.
Samsung Level U Pro YES - indoor YES - outdoor 3.30 Tested with Vivoactive 3: Flawless connection everywhere. Best sounding headphones I've heard yet. Stay in the ear during running and floor exercises.
Senso Bluetooth Headphones - S250 NO 3.30 Tested with Vivoactive 3: These headphones suffer from dropouts mostly when walking, as that's when the signal needs to pass through the body. When running with hands held near chest, they drop-out less. They stay on during running and floor exercises. Sound quality is very middy, unless you really jam them in - but they will settle further out and the mids return.
JBL Reflect mini 2 YES 5.70 Very stable connection, no dorps. With FW 5.60/5.70, the "-" key to lower volume no longer works - reported for FR645M and 245M.

Sony WI-SP500 YES 5.70 No dropouts.