Why doesn't the warranty cover faults in the band for the forerunner 45s?

Why doesn't the warranty cover faults in the band for the forerunner 45s? I've had this watch for less than a year and the band is tearing. Called customer support and they said it's not covered. For an almost $200 dollar watch I expect that they would cover an obvious defect that isn't that expensive to fix

  • That does seem strange. Is the band the original band that came with the watch? Can they point to somewhere in the warranty where this is written?

  • Its the original band. The guy I was talking to just said that it wasn't covered, he didn't cite anything specific in the warranty, and I didn't want to make a fuss with him. I doubt its up to him if if its covered or not.  In the warranty it says it doesn't cover consumable parts like batteries, but I don't think the watch band would fall underneath that. What was frustrating is for a different watch I found an article on the Garmin website that said that the watch band would be under warranty. I wish there was a way to escalate this complaint but I couldn't find a good place to do that.

  • I didn't want to make a fuss with him

    You're a better person than I. ThumbsupSlight smile Seems to me that just giving the customer a new band would be easy enough and good for customer loyalty. Possibly the tech didn't have the authority to do anything and didn't feel the need to escalate.

    Regardless, I would contact them again to see if you get a different response.

    Could you post a photo of the band, showing the defect?

  • That's what I thought, the band is way cheaper than the price of a watch and now I'm not sure if I want to buy another product from them. Yeah I might try calling them again, see if I get a different response. I dont know how easy it is to see the tears, but the hole that I normally use is starting to rip in the lower corners along the texture of the band.