Synching - how annoying is it meant to be?

Hi everyone,

I just got a Forerunner 45s, and I have a Motorola G14 play.  All pretty basic but works for me.  I'm not a tech geek but can generally work things out.  I'm getting really frustrated by the Bluetooth synching between my watch and phone (or lack of).  I have gone through all the set up procedures and find that if the phone and/or watch battery runs low, the green dot synch signal drops away and won't reconnect automatically even when charged.  OK, I then go through the whole switch off/on routine and it will briefly connect but not reliably.  I have twice deleted the device from Garmin Connect and re-set up and when I do that I get a reliable connection until...... battery power drops.  And repeat.  You may say I should just keep my phone / watch charged up more but actually, why should I have to?  I've gone through several threads on this forum with various procedures, all of which make sense but really - is it normal to have to do all this stuff just because your battery runs a bit low?  Is this just how it is with smart watches?  It all seems very high maintenance and while I really enjoy all the stats and mapping my runs etc., it all just seems like a lot of hard work.  I'm going to return this watch in case it's a dud but am questioning whether to try another one or just give it up if this  rigmarole is standard.

Do any of you with more experience have a view on whether this is normal - "get over it" - or whether I should try again with another device?

Thanks for any advice you can offer!