My forerunner 45 turns off on run

I have had my FR45 for 3 years and in the last 1 month its has switched off 3 times early on in my run, each time the battery has been 50%ish full, is the watch past its best, or can i get the battery replaced or with Garmin replace the watch, thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    I have the same issue.
    This happen only during runs.
    When I use the watch for hikes (Walk activity), sometimes 7 hours long, everything works fine.

    I did a factory reset but nothing change.
    It looks like that every time the watch get GPS signal the watch switch off. As I said before only when activity is Run.

    Thanks for any suggestion

  • Over the past year my 3 year old FR45 glitched out on 3 runs.  All three times the screen and buttons went dead and it stopped tracking at 2 +/- 0.05 miles.  In one case it picked up on the tracking about a half mile later, but the time element was completely thrown off- it had me at 168 hours for a five mile run.  The other two cases it never restarted the activity tracking. One of those cases it only 'woke up' after plugging into charger (I had tried pressing each button with no success). Yesterday after my run I revived it either by simultaneously pressing the Start/Stop and Light buttons, or by pressing and holding one of those for a few seconds- I'm not sure which action did it.  When it woke up, the screen showed my activity had been paused and it was waiting for me to either save or resume it (I hadn't paused it).   The battery had plenty of charge all three times.  Software version 5.40.  Hoping for some help here from a Garmin Tech.  One additional note: looking at the event log file I see:

    04? FF 00 00 00    0:00:02.011 HWM main 2024/ 1/15 15:17:58 C:68
    05: D3 00 00 00    0:00:05.006 HWM misc  Time Jump From 2024/ 1/15 15:14:22  to 2024/ 1/15 15:18:01
    06: D3 00 00 00    0:01:03.984 HWM misc  Time Jump From 2024/ 1/15 15:18:01  to 2024/ 1/15 15:53:58

    This is within a few seconds of when the watch glitched out.

  • Hi.

    I have the same problem.

    My Forerunner 45 just turned off while running even though it was almost fully charged. It usually turns off just when the kilometer is reached, when the sound is made. It has been happening to me since this summer. Only turned back on when I plugged it in back home.  It works perfectly in normal mode.

    I'm on v. 5.40. I've had it for around 3 years.

    I have seen that there were other conversations with the same topic that have already been closed. It seems to be a fairly common problem.

    I have contacted Garmin Spain customer service but they tell me that since it is no longer under warranty, there is nothing to do. They will exchange it for a new model, if I pay for it, of course. I have reset it twice, as recommended and it worked one day, but the next day it turned off two kilometers after the activity. But it seems unfair to me because I see that it is a frequent problem and it seems like a factory defect.

    It's a shame because I have always trusted the quality of Garmin, even advertising them, but this has made me think about whether to go to another brand. I don't know if anything else can be done.

  • Hi I have similar issue. When I turned hr alarm and km beep I could run for 5 hours without the problem. As I remember, it started, when the weather was under 10°C, but I am not sure about this. 

    Try to turn of km beep, and pulse alarms. (I bought the watch to control my HR, so without it the watch does it's work only partly)