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Garmin 235 Not changing

I've seen older posts on this, but no real solutions. Plugged my 235 in this morning to charge and nothing. Tried cleaning contacts, changing charging block and outlets.  Nothing.  Plugged it into my laptop and it shutoff.  I also had a hard time turning it back on, but finally got it back on.  But, the date and time are both way off (6 days and 7 hrs). It shuts off agin each time I plug it into the laptop.  Thought if I went outside and connected GPS, it would come back to real time, but no change.  Any thoughts.

  • Problem maybe resolved.  Cleaned contacts again.  FR started charging and 45 minutes into the charging, the time and date changed to the "real" time.  Hope that's all it was.  Cleaning once wasn't enough.