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Garmin coach : how to disable warm up / cool down ?


I actually launched the garmin coach to work on the half-marathon, but each time i'm doing a run, the workout contains 2min warm up at the beginning and 2min cool down at the end.
The thing is fine, but it totally screw up my average pace because it includes these warm up and cool down in the total run.

I know i can see the detail of the run only (excluding warm up/cool down) in garmin connect, but I would like to just disable it and do these things myself without the garmin watch knowing...

Do anyone knows if it is possible to disable it in the garmin coach training please ?

  • You should be able to press the LAP button to end any workout step early. So when warm-up or cooldown starts, you can press LAP right away to basically skip those steps. (I realize it's not the ideal solution.)