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Data Screens - Distance

II run intervals.  I have my Data Screen Fields set for Distance, Timer, Pace and Heart Rate.  Everything works well except for Distance.  I want to know the total cumulative distance.  Not the distance for an individual interval.  How?  The only options under Distance Fields are Distance (just current interval), Lap Distance, and Last Lap Distance.  How can I view Total Distance while doing Intervals?

  • "Distance" should be for a full run and "Lap Distance" for a part of it.

    Maybe try up/down buttons to switch screens.

  • Thank you.  Tired it.  Same result.  Its a short term problem.  Just started running again after a 3 year hiatus.  I probably will not need intervals after a couple of months.

    Again thank you

  • Like BunBun said, the Distance field should show the entire activity distance, not the distance for the current (run/walk?) interval.

    If your watch is showing you something different for that field, it sounds like a bug to me. If that's the case, you may be able to work around the issue by using an app of mine called AppBuilder 5: []

    It's a Connect IQ data field which is kinda like Excel for your watch (you decide what data you want to display based on a formula that's entered into app settings). The following app settings should display total activity distance:

    Label: Distance (or whatever you want)
    Formula: distance
    Display Format: Auto

    It absolutely shouldn't be necessary to use this app, but in case there actually is a bug in your watch, this *may* work around it.

    If this problem persists, I would get in touch with Garmin Support ([email protected]) though.