Edge 1040 and Powrlink pedals

Anybody out there using Powrlink pedals with an Edge 1040?

I'm currently using Edge Explore 1000 which works okay with the pedals but doesn't pick up left/right power split data - this is important to me as I am recovering from hip injury and need to stengthen up my right leg. Another annoyance with my Edge 1000 is that the Bluetooth stopped working years ago so has to be plugged in to upload rides.

I'm also using a Forerunner 735XT which DOES pick up the L/R split data but frequently loses the signal from the pedals (and my HRM, cadence sensor, etc) during rides.

So I am considering buying an Edge 1040 but would really like to know before I buy whether I'll be getting the left/right split data.


  • I don't know about the 1040 but you don't get it on the 1030 so I'm doubting that the 1040 has it. Might be worth asking the question on the 1040 forum

  • he has Edge Explore 1000. i suppose that is not supporting L/R balance (that is a very limited cycling device with power meters or indoor trainers). the Edge 1000/1030/1040 do for sure.

    the wristwatches, especially the older ones are very sensitive for ant+ signal, the wrist can shadow the signal flow, so the position of the watch on the wrist is critical, you should wear it face inward or put it onto a dedicated wristwatch mount on bike. 

  • My bad. it's the pedal smoothness that doesn't display on the 1030 but the balance does doh! 

  • Pedal Smoothness and Torque Effectiveness are not enabled on the Edge units by default. There is a setting under the power meter sensor to enable that. 

    I went through some old notes I have and the 1000 does support PS/TE. Check that the setting is enabled.

    The watches don't  expose that configuration option, so they default to having it enabled.

  • I think I'm having a bad dayPersevere.... The power capable devices I have are Wahoo Powrllnk pedals & the power sensor on my Neo 2T Trainer, both are connected. ANT+ & only ever use one of the other depending on the bike.

    I knew that the Wahoo pedals don't transmit Pedal Smoothness or Torque Effectiveness & the settings aren't there in the sensor settings on the edge however they are there & have been enabled for the Neo 2T power sensor. I didn't think they were displayed for the Neo but I've just checked & do get Pedal Smoothness but the Torque Effectiveness reads 0% - 0%

    The Power Sensor settings for the Neo 2T also have a Cycling Dynamics option, which when I try to enable it just gives the message 'Loading Sensor Settings' & a spinney wheel but never enables. I seem to remember DCR reporting that it TACX said it would be added to the Neo 2T. I guess they never got round to it!#

  • the Cycling Dynamics on Neo is a totally meaningless data. as the L/R data also. These are just estimation, and if somebody has real assymetric body, it wont show... only the dual pedals will show you true L/R and TE/PS (except the Pwrlink at the moment ) data, so Vectors, Rallys, Assiomas.