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Garmin Edge 1000 showing time 6 hours behind and will not correct, no matter what I try. Garmin Customer Services UK suggestion has not worked and they suggest I do a unit exchange for £195.60. Any other ideas anyone?

Shortly before Christmas I updated my Garmin Edge 1000 with the updates that were showing as been available on Garmin Express and ever since that time my device time shows as 6 hours behind what the actual time is and no matter what I try, it will not show the correct time.  

I have undertaken syncing via my i-phone, re-booting and re-installing everything, all to no avail.  

I e-mailed Garmin UK product support who provided me with detailed instructions I should undertake in the exact order they stated to see if it would correct the issue, but this did not fix the issue.  They have said to me that there must be a fault with my unit and have said that they will exchange it for a refurbished unit.  However, the 'sting in the tail' is that they will charge me £195.60 for this.  I feel that this is a rather high sum for fixing the clock / time on my device, bearing in mind that it is only about three years old, has not been used excessively and at that time was a 'top of the range' device retailing new for c.£350.  I went back asking if they were prepared to waive the fee / give me a discount on a new model (the Edge 1030), but was told no and that Garmin can only offer an exchange service only "to avoid you, our valued customer, having to pay the full RRP of the unit".  

Is anyone else suffering the same issue and does anyone know whether there is a fix for this that does not cost £195.60?

Many thanks