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Battery and power button replacement

I found this in a DC Rainmaker comment. Complete replacement back for the Edge 1000 that includes the battery and power button, charge connector and uUSB port. It is literally plug and play to replace. Remove the eight T6 torex screws, two connectors. Ten minutes and done. $49 delivered from China, took about two weeks.

smitacn link to Edge 1000 back assembly w/ battery

  • Thanks for the link, my power button gave up this AM so it looks like I'll be making an investment to overcome the planned obsolescence. Frustrating as hell to have a device (and a very much minded one at that - it spent its entire existence in the rubber case for edge 1000!) hobbled like this.

  • An update on this, worked great for about six weeks and then the battery or chip failed. Put my old one back in and it works just fine except for the decreasing battery life. smitacn refused to believe that their product had failed. If you need the case with button I'd go for it. Don't opt for the battery.

  • mine too..seems I talked too early! I have a slight better situation than you but it's the same works anyway! I was gonna sell it last month because after 5 years was still perfect, then 2 weeks ago it finally happened!

    I was writing yesterday but didn't send the message, my suggestion is to keep the original part because those online are not very reliable...I'll do so until it works!

  • Thanks for the updates bbrannon & ManuEdge - I'll hold fire and touch base with Garmin to see what they themselves suggest/offer to remedy this and if it's a non-runner I'll roll the dice with smitacn.

  • Garmin will offer the new part with their price, granted!

    It’s a well know fault but Gadmin didn’t do anything during these years.. I’m not very sure, but I recall (I read somewhere on some forum) they replaced just few devices with this problem even if out of warranty but maybe because they didn’t have only the back cover to sell

  • FWIW, the case appears to be a Garmin factory build. Probably left over from original production. The battery in the unit I purchased failed quickly. If your old battery is decent you can buy just the back cover without the battery. Everything is there, button, rubber surround, charge port and card slot with cover.

  • I had the same problem  but I got a power button part of ebay 

  • My 4 years old Edge 1000 finally got a broken power button too even the battery is still strong. My experience about Garmin products are really poor after owning few products. The Edge once unable to got GPS signal during my 3 months cycling grand tour and I eventually found the cause of problem from this forum was Glonass. I needed to use GPS only otherwise the same problem would occur.

    Next I bought a Vivoactive watch and for several times after firmware update, battery life sudden dropped from a week to one day. Not only mine but lots of users faced the same issue. When I contacted Garmin to help, they only asked me to reset the device or provide information about the situation.

    So I have enough of this brand. No more Garmin. I also advice users here to avoid this brand. 

  • I’ll never change my 1000 for a new product..features I have are enough but mostly too many problems last years with new devices and Garmin help is just a call center that always repeat same things!

  • I have the keypad made in a rubber factory after a 3D reverse engineering scan ,there is the website link: