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First use this season and it starts with this.

1: Boot up the Mac and head over to Garmin Connect to plot a 70 KM route. Looks like Connect has received a refresh.

2. Sync the new course to Explore 1 via Garmin Express but Garmin Express requires an update first.

3. Update Garmin Express on the Mac. And Sync Explore 1.

4. Course doesn't show up in Explore yet no error notification in the Mac version of Express.

5. Repeat. Nope. Reboot Explorer and repeat. Nope again.

5. Head on over to Windows, and load Connect. 

6. Try to sync via Express again. Update the Windows version of Express.

7. Sync fails again. This time I get an generic error notification.

8. Return to Connect to download the course as a FIT file so as to manually copy it to the Explore's Courses directory.

9. Can't download the course because the website returns thiserror: {"message":"Time and distance must both be increasing, or both be decreasing: start 63445.64395675193m , Thu Apr 13 04:31:06 GMT 2023, end 63456.48512149446m , Thu Apr 13 02:02:37 GMT 2023","error":"BadRequestException"}

10. Had enough for now. Going for a ride.

Edit: Post ride, reset the device, trashed all my settings and user data. Still no go.