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Using Edge without smart phone? And using BRouter web app.

I just bought an Edge Explore, I don't own a smart phone, just an old nokia, I'm only planning to use this for basic route planning and navigation. Will it work fine for those things without being 'synced' to a smart phone? I have a PC which I can use to download routes to.

  • On a PC you can use Garmin Express to sync the device with a Garmin Connect account. Or if you don't want to use Garmin Express for some reason, then you can still send and download data to the device manually, although in that case you need to know where to look.

    Anyway, you should be fine without a smartphone, although you'll lose some smartphone-related functionality, like notifications, weather or incident detection.

  • OK Thanks. I have played around on Connect, got my device set up and used express to update the device and downloaded routes.

    I have also been playing around with BRouter, a web based route planner that I feel is more useful as a tool for cyclists, it allows you to set up and export routes in the same way Connect does. Do you know whether or not those routes would be usable with the Explore?

    I guess I'd need some kind of third party app, any ideas if that is correct and/or which app I'd need? Also which file format would I need to export the routes in?

  • I have figured it out, so for anyone else wondering about this.

    You don't need any apps, you can design a route on BRouter, export it to your PC, upload it to Garmin Connect, then save it directly to your Garmin Edge device.

    Useful links.

    BRouter web app -

    Video explaining the process - (It's in German but can be auto-translated)

    Very simple process, I definitely recommend you take a look at BRouter, it has a lot of very interesting features and added functionality, just remember not to save any waypoints (as he explains in the video)